Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random hipness

This is how they do in New Orleans. Buck-jumpin’ fun, y’all!


Kellybelle said...

You can't tell me that doesn't come from sanctified church dancing, lol! I like it.

Anonymous said...

This made me sooooo homesick. If anything, this comes straight from Africa by way of the Carribean. Sometimes, someone will even start a call and response type shout and people join in (this is more so with the Indians, though).

The thing is you see the same music, dancing and celebration of life during Mardi Gras season as you would to celebrate the life of someone who has 'gone home.'

I stan for the Buck Jumpers and Lady Buck Jumpers. If they haven't marched all ready, you can see them (and the Black Indians) at Jazz Fest.

I never understood the thrill of only watching parades since in NO, you join in and keep it moving.

Have fun UBM @!

that dude said...

Definitions of the Funk, Vol. 1.