Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Concert: Ani DiFranco

Did you know that indie-rock superhero Ani DiFranco lives in New Orleans?

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., she has bonded with the Crescent City... especially post-Katrina. New Orleans seduces people like that.

Next month DiFranco, the hardest-working babe in show business, will tour the American South. Check her MySpace page for dates.

Ani and her band performed in Amsterdam last October. The entire 20-song set is embedded below.


FunkyHeadHunter said...

I went to a concert of hers a while back. absolutely amazing.

Russell said...

Ani is one of those artists for whom I have TREMENDOUS respect: she's incredibly prolific, musically talented and purposeful, did great things in her hometown of Buffalo, runs her own record label, etc. in her art... but I must say, I don't actually dig very much of her music.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I haven't delved waist-deep into her repertoire... but I came to her through the funk connection -- her collaborations with Maceo Parker, her occasional Prince covers (or Prince soundalike songs).

Russell, if you missed the free MP3 I blogged about last summer, "Emancipated Minor," click here. It's hittin'.

Schottzie03 said...

Very cool. Is MidCity Lanes still Rockin and Bowlin in NO?

phx said...

Russell - and imagine how those of us who DO dig much of her music feel about her!