Monday, September 8, 2008

A free Ani DiFranco download

Indie-diva Ani DiFranco (about whom I blogged last year – here and here) has a new album coming out on September 30. It’s called “Red Letter Year.”

One track, “Emancipated Minor,” is available now as a FREE MP3. Click here to hear it on my Vox blog. It has a funky, four-on-the-floor snap to it... sounds almost Prince-like.

To download “Emancipated Minor,” you’ve got two options. You can follow this link to or follow this link to


maria said...

i was a huge ani fan about 8-10 years ago, then she got all weird after 9-11, said it was our fault cuz we just didn't ride trains enough. (ok, turns out she was right, but she seemed to heartless at the time...i mean it was like a month later when i saw her and she said this. saw her again years later when she opened for dylan...didn't even stay for dylan.

she was good. when she is good, she is really good. some of her lyrics are still phenomenal.

bought goldfish...or was it called castles? nothing since. maybe i'm ready for some new stuff.

she looks good, anyway. sorta like a whiter version of prince rogers.

thanks for the head's up!

Mocha Dad said...

Thanks for the post. I like Ani's music and am eager to hear a new song.

Jorge Vega said...

I think of a highschool girlfriend when I hear her. The girl ran away from home and we'd chill at the place she was squatting at and she'd put Ani on her D-battery powered boom box. Memories.

Ani's looking like the Joker in that pic.

Undercover Black Man said...

Ani's looking like the Joker in that pic.

Oh wow... that's wrong.

mynameismyname said...

Suprisingly funky! I like it. I belive that Ani has worked with Prince a few time in the past. She's worked with Maceo Parker as well. And Chuck D is a big fan. I agree, she does look good (Her ethnicity was always very vague to me, but I believe she's Italian-Jewish, so she probably does have some "negro" blood. LOL.)

bklyn6 said...

Ani's looking like the Joker in that pic.

Not to hate, but I thought the same exact thing.