Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living Colour in Amsterdam

Having blogged about this concert two weeks ago, I’m pleased to report that Living Colour’s complete Amsterdam show is now available for streaming at

I’ve embedded it below.

If you don’t have time for the whole two-hour throwdown, just skip around through the set list. The band was on fire that night.


Anonymous said...

Was that supposed to be music?

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Thanks for this, Dave. I haven't gotten through the whole show yet, but these brothas never disappoint. If I have to spend my last dollar and forego the beer at the show, I'll always check them out. Seen them here, DC, and LA. Consistently, they put on a great show. Especially once Doug Wimbish got into the group.

True story. Last time I saw them, they opened for King Crimson. Tore the roof off. Folks was dancing and shit. I kept shouting between cuts, "Don't wait so long to come back!" Finally, Doug Wimbish points his bass at me and gives one of space bass plucks. Folks started screaming. As much as I love King Crimson and as good a show they put on, they could not sustain the energy of Living Colour.

Would love to see them, the original line-up of Fishbone, the original line-up of 24-7 Spyz, and the Rollins Band with Melvin Gibbs, Sim Cain, and Chris Hackett at a festival. I might not come down off a concert like that!

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to Vernon's ax during the "Cult" solo? Of all freakin' times to have a power failure.

Gotta say though, my one huge problem with a lot of so-called Black rock acts is the writing. Hella talent, but with the exception of Fishbone, the tunes always seem to fall apart for me after a great intro.

Why can't somebody just crank the hell out of three notes like every other great rock group? Don't impress me, just fucking knock my head off.

destruction said...

"I Want to Know" is one of my girls' fave headbangers.

swirly girl said...

omg. I haven't seen Living Colour since I was in the 7th grade. They rocked my face then. And I've pretty much decided that I should let them rock my face now.

Thanks for putting tis up.