Sunday, November 16, 2008

A free Phyllis Hyman download

I saw “Quantum of Solace” yesterday. I’m not a James Bond fanatic, but this new one has been huge overseas for a couple of weeks now. Figured it must be good.

I did not like it. Daniel Craig is cool... no problem there. But “Quantum of Solace” rips off a few action pieces from the “Bourne” movies (close-quarters combat in an apartment, balcony leaps), and for some reason they’re not so thrilling this time.

I sat there during the long opening car chase trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. (Too many edits.)

And the theme song... that Jack White-Alicia Keys duet, “Another Way to Die”? More like “Another Way to SUCK BALLS!

Which is my segue into this: Did you know that the late Phyllis Hyman recorded a James Bond theme song in the 1980s, but it wasn’t used?

True indeed. Click here to hear “Never Say Never Again” on my Vox blog.

Canadian songwriter Stephen Forsyth wrote this song with Ms. Hyman in mind. And it’s Forsyth who finally released it to the public this year... as a FREE MP3.

To download the tune, hit this link.


that dude said...

I how many of those unused Bond themes are laying around? There were TWO done for MR. KISS KISS BANG BANG, then they changed the title of the film.

Both the Dionne Warwick and Shirly Bassey versions of MR. KISS KISS BANG BANG are great, although Shirley knocks it into outer space.

But yeah, while I like the new Bond a great deal, but CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM have, hands down, the WORST theme songs in the history of the franchise.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I didn't know about them others, dude. I found the Dionne version on YouTube.

Must deduct points for the rhyming of "vanilla" and "killer."

that dude said...

Checked out the Phyllis Hyman song...she's always a pro, but this did nothing for me.

Geneva Girl said...

We saw the Bond flick on Saturday. It was just alright. I agree with you: too much editing and bad song, almost as bad as that Aha song.. I came out of the theater confused.

Still Daniel Craig can wear the heck out of a suit. I just wanted another beach scene with him coming out of the water. That would have been worth the price of admission and the babysitter!

neptune said...

I liked it. A lot of the camera work was kind of dizzying though, and the ending was sort of flat. Daniel Craig is the hotness.

sdg1844 said...

Liked Casino Royale better. Didn't know Phyllis recorded a Bond song and that it wasn't used. Dumb move on the Bond franchise's part.

Edshugeo The GodMoor said...

Never Say Never Again was outside of the franchise. I think it had to do with a weird legal issue concerning Thunderball.

I enjoyed Quantum, mostly. Towards the end, not so much and I'm not sure why.

It might not hurt to re-visit Casino Royale before seeing this one (I did), as the movie picks up one hour after the last.

Michael Fisher said...

I met Phyllis Hyman briefly backstage at the Beacon theater in NYC shortly before she passed.

I've never met a more regal, beautiful, talented, and sensual woman.

Tafari said...

The theme song sucked like nobody's business!!!

Good looking out on the Phyllis Hyman throwback.