Monday, November 24, 2008

Bill O’Reilly, kickin’ street knowledge!

I knew Bill O’Reilly was a gifted broadcaster. What I didn’t know is... he is also a world-class novelist.

A novelist of the streets!

Wanna hear a small bit of the audiobook version of O’Reilly’s 2004 crime novel, “Those Who Trespass”... read by the author himself?

Then click here.

But I must warn you, this clip describes the sexual exploitation of two underage girls. Indeed, Bill doesn’t flinch from the hard, cold realities of the drug game. (Matter fact, I bet he was smoking crack when he wrote this!)

UPDATE (11/26/08): I cannot stop listening to this clip. This is some Ted Baxter shit.


cnulan said...

I've been toying with a new acronym that I believe very accurately encapsulates the peculiar cognitive bent typifying conservatism.

RFIDD (rotten fish in dirty diapers)= a bad thing inside a bad thing.

The conservative mindset is predisposed to imagining all sorts of dank, dark, and ugly things about people, and spawning narratives supportive of these imaginings. Sadly, these imaginal narratives predispose the conservative to overreact politically and otherwise in highly regrettable ways.

Kind of like the fear inspired responses to 9/11 that have given us the TSA in airports and the so-called war on terror, or the emergency bailout (which is a total waste that won't work at all) but which was forced through on a bayonet of fear and urgency.

Bill O'Reilly, kickin yet another rotten fish in a dirty diaper....,

Woe said...

"Say baby, put down that pipe and get my pipe UP!" Hahahahaha...sorry, it's hard to keep from chuckling at O'Reilly droppin that "Street Knowledge"

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The great thing about people is that very few are one dimensional. There may be areas of them that you hate, and with good reason, but there are other sides of them that you can like, if you can keep an open mind.

Such is the case with O'Reilly. I hate the undercurrent of the racism that oozes out of him in his show. I've long concluded that he is no friend to black people or several other groups.

On the other hand, he is a skilled interviewer and excels at promoting his agenda, but he's also a good writer, and takes stands on some issues that I agree with. I read one of his books I guess 10 years ago, I think called Whose Looking Out For You. It was good. I imagine his fiction novel on sex abuse is too, and I expect he goes after the perpetrators with the same or more ferocity.

Would I buy it to make him richer? No. But in a slow week, I might check it out at the library.

I also want to compliment you, Undercover, for taking the risk in writing this post. It's so easy for black bloggers to rip into any designated enemy without stepping back to appreciate their strengths and to learn from it. O'Reilly in particular is so widely hated by our people that giving him any credit for anything true and real is an unpopular stand, so doing this took courage.

cnulan said...


you didn't detect the faint, acrid whiff of nipseycasm permeating this post?

Undercover Black Man said...

O'Reilly in particular is so widely hated by our people that giving him any credit for anything true and real is an unpopular stand...

Kit, I was being sarcastic about the novel... but I was totally sincere about one thing: O'Reilly is a gifted broadcaster. He was born for the medium of television.

Bill O'Reilly is ten times better at what he does than Sean Hannity. And five times better than Keith Olbermann.

So I'm just having a little fun with him.

Invisible Woman said...

Way off topic, but where the heck was that Richard Pryor video from? I'm praying it wasn't Seseme Street!

Invisible Woman said...

I meant Sesame.

Invisible Woman said...

Oh my damn. Went to youtube and saw that it was. Holee sh*t! Pryor looked and sounded higher than 5 kites...too funny! said...


You never cease to amaze and enthrall...(smiles)

And by the way, all black people do not hate Bill O'Reilly - hatred is a cancer that only feeds upon the host!! Some us us have LONG realized that hatred is a corrupt emotion that serves no purpose at all when directed at a person (or group) who loses NOTHING AT ALL from it.


Undercover Black Man said...

Way off topic, but where the heck was that Richard Pryor video from?

I thought I might've found it on your site, IW. I can't remember whose blog where I stumbled on it.

But that rap seems totally off-the-dome. With or without pharmacological enhancement, Rich made some magic there.

S.O.L. said...

I'm not so sure there's anything redeeming in being a "gifted broadcaster" when your rap is 99 percent baloney. The way he interviews people is shameful. He gets off on intimidating them, a two-bit a bully in a thousand-dollar suit.

His gift is at double-speak. A deft spinner in a place he calls the No Spin Zone. So what? Anybody can work that kind of magic in a place where irony is dead, dead, dead. Seriously, so he can peddle bullshit. Toward what end? Turning it into entertainment and selling it to the masses makes him just another snake-oil salesman, a P.T. Barnum of our generation. Big fucking deal.

Give him a medal for making stupid people more stupid.

P.S. Don't get me started on his hackneyed writing. They should take his typewriter away.