Friday, October 17, 2008

Will Colin Powell endorse Obama on Sunday?

Be sure to watch “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning. Colin Powell is scheduled to be interviewed. Speculation is strong that Powell – every Republican’s favorite Negro – will endorse the Democrat, Barack Obama.

Mike Allen of Politico quotes an unnamed McCain official thusly: “It’s going to make a lot of news, and certainly be personally embarrassing for McCain. It comes at a time when we need momentum, and it would create momentum against us.”

Meanwhile, as the days dwindle to a precious few, the Obama-haters on right-wing talk radio are still talking about “Joe the Plumber.” Yeah... that’s the game-changer they’ve been waiting for.


Doctor Memory said...

I would actually bet (small) amounts of money against this. Powell seems to be pretty loyal to the folks who made him, and it's not like Obama was going to make him SecDef under any circumstances anyway.

I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The thing that would lead me to agree with you, Doc, is the fact that a McCain guy is out there saying it'll happen.

Which means, if it doesn't happen, it'll reflect poorly on Obama. ("Why didn't Powell endorse him.")

But maybe I'm just being cynical.

Invisible Hand said...

We hear about the loyalty thing with Powell all the time, but I think it's something different.

He's clearly someone who has his own set of ideas and beliefs, and he's someone who's willing to fight behind the scenes for them (as evidenced by how much he was left out of the discussion leading up to the war -- the neo-cons clearly didn't want a dissenting voice in the room while they were trying to influence the president). His Achilles' heel is that as a serviceman, he believes in chain of command (which, to me, is different than just loyalty).

That's what doomed him in the Bush White House, but it doesn't apply here. He's free to do as he chooses (as evidenced by the photo accompanying the post).

Elora said...

you know.. this isn't over til the fat lady sings, so I wouldn't laugh too hard at Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, etc. - not til its over. Polls aren't votes.

Anyways, thats history, this is now. I wanted to remind y'all that the deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot are NEXT week. This is really important for students or anyone else who can't be at home on election day - and every vote counts in NC, VA, and all the other swing states.

You can see your state's deadline here:

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Those deadlines are NEXT week. This weekend is the time to get your ballot, email your friends, do a facebook post - however you spread the word.



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Vigilante said...

I'm sayin' that for Obama's own good, General Powell ought not to endorse the Senator. Powell needs Obama more than the other way around.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I personally prefer that he doesn't. The Vigil said it best if you want to know why.

cuz said...

Interesting perspectives on this thread -- all of them. Powell will definitely be slapped by the hand that fed him if he endorses. Too much water boarding under the bridge - that still needs to be sorted out. Maybe a few compliments thrown Obama's way would be good enough. However, McCain's numbers are ticking up in the polls (if you believe such things) among 30-44 year olds and men. The ACORN story may be getting some traction unless people are playing the polls for effect. Joe the Plumber as UBM mentioned may have scored as well despite his Joe's or Sam's personal issues. Even with MSM's fact check, it seems people are siding with Joe. I guess average Joe is the guy with issues.

Undercover Black Man said...

Elora, welcome. Thanks for commenting.

And you're absolutely right, it ain't over. Anything could happen in the next two weeks.

But if Joe the Plumber is the one who turns this race around, I will eat my voter registration card.


Is Powell's endorsement really that significant, regardless of who he gives it to? Fox News is already assuming he'll be endorsing Obama, just because he appeared at the Africa Rising Festival in London a few days ago, dancing on stage with some of the performers.

I don't think it'll matter much either way.

How about Condie Rice? Has she endorsed either? I haven't heard anything.

Vigilante said...

Good point. Colin Powell may want to retain his Mercurial image and not endorse. By coming so tantalizingly close to an endorsement and yet withholding it, he can disappoint and lower the bar of expectancy raised in the MSM. He also wants to eat his toast buttered on both sides. That way he can continue to collect his $100,000 honorariums for speaking appearances. He calls it 'bipartisanship statesmanship'. I call it by another name.

Dollar Bill said...

But just in case the dis-crediting has already begun and they are reporting that the song he sang,glorifies the 419 scam.

Vigilante said...

A GR8 find, $Bill! Stunning!

maria said...

powell made it very clear in his spot on the black list that he was going to supports obama.