Monday, October 27, 2008

John McCain says the N-word... on tape!

Got your attention, didn’t I? Man, I am shameless.

I’m not a liar, though. John McCain indeed uttered the word “nigger” in the audio version of his 2005 book “Character Is Destiny: Inspiring Stories Every Young Person Should Know and Every Adult Should Remember.”

He spoke it in the context of South Africa’s history of racism.

Click here to listen (and to assess how trippingly the word rolls of his tongue. Hee-hee...).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with McCain saying the word in this context. What’s ironic is that McCain spoke so admiringly of Nelson Mandela – a man who, until this very year, was on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list.

Perhaps Sarah Palin should ask her running mate whether he “pals around with terrorists.” (Just sayin’... Mandela did bomb shit.)


Anonymous said...

Black America and the N-word:

Kellybelle said...

You got me. I was ready to do the Obama Shuffle on my job.

Lordlokipv said...

Please people and the rest of the bubbas out there who voting for Obama,,how low will they go,

Anyone who posted this lie is probably the Blackest Nigger there is.
You know how those black on black crimes are,

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Welcome to the House of Love, Lordlokipv.

Dollar Bill said...


Just get back from a rally?
Perhaps one of these:

Or do the rallies you attend require the use of bedsheets?

Don't forget to use the white ones,not the Star Wars set Mom just put on the bed in your basement"apartment".

I sure hope things turn out in the election,so that for once people like this can feel unwelcome in America and we can start talking about shipping them back to their Fautherland as a change of pace.

Love it or leave it!LOL

Dollar Bill said...

LOL Didn't realise how close I got it!

A quote from his single blog entry.
(Don't worry I'm not going to make fun of the typos as I can be a ignant spella too.)

"If Hitler was a democrat , I have to vote for him,, ,NO way No How NO OBAMA"


Perhaps I mis-spoke and you are one of the two that was going to go after 102 & Barack?
They have email in jail now?

Vince Spence said...


Very funny. Does anybody know if McCain has stopped beating his wife yet? Do you still have pictures of McCain with barnyard animals?

I have no clue which candidate will win next Tuesday. However, I am 110% positive I will be home with a few days worth of provisions (no, not Pabst, DeAngelo) so that evening and the next few days I can stay home as Baltimore and many other cities put out the fires and recover from rioting and looting - regardless of the winner.

MLK would be proud of Barack. Senator Obama is a fine man, a gentleman and a credit to EVERY citizen of this country. But, it might be one of the very, very few things Dr. King would be pleased with over the past 40 years since his death. He might agree with me that not only has there not been any significant measurable progress, but black hatred and resentment has probably reversed much of the fine work he did.