Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate open thread

My eyes got kinda glazy, to tell you the truth. But as far as Obama is concerned, boring was good. No game-changers tonight.

What did you all think?


Jeff said...

If this were Monday Night Football circa 1972, Dandy Don would be singing, "Turn out the lights...the party's over..."

dez said...

I taped it because I had a class and didn't want to miss anything. Got bored, started waching Bruuuuuce on UBM-TV instead :-)

Andrew Sullivan seems to think Obama "mauled" McCain. Is it all over for Big Bad John?

destruction said...

Where do I go to get my Mortgage bought the hell up....and should I wear red?

Kellybelle said...

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I drank beer. But like you said, no change is good for Barack.

mint_tea said...

Now I'm questioning my sanity because I was riveted, and yet everywhere people are saying how boring it was.

I thought Obama DESTROYED McCain. Obama was calm, centered, and wielded facts to devastating effect. McCain was doddering, out-of-his-league, angry, speaking in generalities galore.

The following artifacts were eviscerated and/or ridiculed by Obama:
McCain's tax plan
McCain's health-care plan
McCain's prescription for fiscal health
McCain's foreign policy

might have missed a few

jjbrock said...

UBM,that one!

wxsnoozle said...

Call me a political geek, but I was riveted, too!

Regardless of the point/counterpoint stuff, my general impressions: Obama was presidential, steady and empathetic. McCain was ingratiating, uncomfortable, and often patronizing. And every one of his attempts at lame jokes failed.

I tend to agree with Sullivan...McCain was mauled in this one.

Undercover Black Man said...

UBM,that one!


uglyblackjohn said...

Down 3-0
McCain needs a grand slam in the final at bat.

Tafari said...

Boring, oh not, it was hot & I was so satisfying watching John look like an even bigger fool!


that dude said...

I don't know what the general election numbers look like, but just like the primary, by the time this thing gets to the electoral college, it's gonna be an ass whipping. Even with white folks balking in the booth, Diebold machines, etc....Obama's got this. After tonight, all the big money has moved to Obama.

The Republican Party is going to have to go to the woodshed and rethink themselves. Look for a field of Obama knock-offs (young, charismatic, etc) on their side in 2012.

Palin gets a little more use out of that communications degree when she gets a job on Fox News. After she loses the election, all those Alaskan investigations come home to roost.

Why even bother with the third debate? Ratings will be in the toilet.

It's amazing all the "October surprises" have been against McCain. Hillary did Obama a favor by rooting through his closet early.

Invisible Hand said...

McCain better hope this country is REALLY, REALLY racist. Like, for real.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going as grand slam as some people say, but I definitely think Obama came through as much more classy.

Sure, I cringed at some of his stretched facts (the tired old 95% of Americans vs. 95% of families...whatever, nothing serious but stuff he should have corrected by now), but that's about the only flaws I found with his performance.

On the "Bomb Iran" thing..I agree with McCain in a sense - hey it's just a little joke, I get it - but find him horribly ignorant when it comes to considering the results of his actions. Part of his job is to be the public voice of your constituents. Public Voice.

Anyway...McCain came off as creepy, robotic and old - I would have had a hard time cringing if I was in that front row. Obama seemed genuinely warm and to be building a good audience rapport.

No John, calling people "my friends" doesn't make them your friends. That constant repetition was almost as annoying as the m- word in the VP debate.

SO uh yeah...tangents, I need to save some of this for my own blog ;).

Obama > McCain.

Geneva Girl said...

I just watched it online. It was mostly boring, which was good for Obama. When McCain called Obama "that one" I had to replay it. It was a "Oh, no he didn't!?!" moment.

It looked like McCain didn't get his mix of meds right. He looked extremely agitated and like a caged animal ready to pounce.

Was it me or Brokaw seemed to favor McCain with his comments about staying within the time frame?

Vince Spence said...

I did not watch it. But, even the most liberal reporters/papers thought it was a little closer than you guys think.

Do you honestly believe any significant amount of people changed their mind either way from before the debate to after? They, like you guys, heard only what you wanted to hear.

Lolo said...

I'm betting that the voters are more shallow than racist and don't want to watch Senator Stumpy and his Realdoll lurch through the next four years.

Yes, I am cynical but "That One" just looks and sounds like a President and the other one just looks like his "sell by" date passed some time ago.

NSangoma said...

They both sucked!!

Neither one impressed me. Obama looks presidential.

McCain looked like an old man trussed up in corsets and girdles in an effort to make him appear erect, younger, and virile.

Both men talked too much macho smack; Obama to a lessor degree. The Chinese own $500Bn in US treasuries, and the Russians own $75Bn in US treasuries, http://www.ustreas.gov/tic/mfh.txt . We are borrowing money from the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund and the Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund, and then we are to turn around and use that borrowed money to buy the bullets to fight the Russians and Chinese with. This is madness!!

$1Bn for Georgia, and where does that Bn come from, it is borrowed from Russia.

Neither Obama nor McCain had an answer as to how do we get out of our current economic situation; though I believe Obama has a better understanding of what caused our current economic meltdown.

Where is William 'Bill' Clinton when we need him; oopz, that's right, he can't run again. His wife, Hillary, should be.

varneer said...

@uglyblackjohn: But McCain hasn't even been able to get people on base. He's barely able to get the ball out of the infield.

I thought Obama trounced McCain.


Reviewer X said...

I watched it with the sound off (intefered with my internet porn...I'm kidding) but Obama looked much better than McCain.

Krauthammer's comparison of Obama to Reagan in 1980 seems pretty spot on. His burden isn't as high, all he has to do is not be too dangerous and now that the economy is the central issue he's pretty close to being in the clear.

quirkychick said...

I got tired of the speechifying on both sides, but will definitely be drinking during the next one every time John McCain says "my friends".

What's up with that mic toss he does?

He looks like a corpse in this photo you've got here.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I meant to mention that mic move, quirkychick! I actually love that move. Like a little drop-and-catch. It's so incongruous. Like a borderline hip-hop move.

dez said...

^Maybe he's really into "Pass the Mic"? ;-)