Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You ain’t slick, Willie.

Have you been getting a load of Bill Clinton this week? He has been on TV plugging his Clinton Global Initiative.

Whenever he’s asked about the presidential race, his “support” for Barack Obama is weak, lukewarm, half-hearted.

Meanwhile, Clinton never misses a chance to pump up Republican memes such as John McCain’s heroism in Vietnam and Sarah Palin’s attractiveness as a vice presidential candidate.

Amazing. Ridiculous. He’s not even trying to sell Obama as the best choice for America.

Bill Clinton never says, “I will vote for Barack Obama.” Instead he says, “I think Obama’s going to win.” And when asked why, Clinton blathers on about the generic advantages of being a Democrat in 2008.

Yesterday on “The View,” for example, here’s what Clinton said about McCain: “I like him. The American people, for good and sufficient reasons, admire him. I mean, he’s given something in life that the rest of us can’t match. But, yes, I do believe Obama will win.”

On the subject of Obama, Clinton said: “I think he’s a good candidate, he’s a smart man. He’s shown growth as a candidate. ... I think he’s ready to be president, and I think McCain’s ready to be president. I think you’ve got to decide which president you want.”

Uhhh... no shit, Sherlock.

Watch the top video below and see how grudgingly Clinton speaks well of Obama... and how enthusiastically he speaks well of McCain.

Then, on “Late Night with David Letterman” last night, Clinton said this:

“Right now, we all need to be thinking here. ... We need to be thinking about this election. Who is best for our future? Who is best for our children’s future? Who can turn the economy around? ... Who can do the right thing on these complex national security issues?”

Clinton does NOT then say: “I think that man is Barack Obama.” He says, “I think it’s a fascinating election.”

See for yourself in the middle video.

Chris Rock joined Letterman after that. And he called Clinton out on his half-assedness. That video is on the bottom.

Keep an eye on Bill Clinton, y’all. Parse his language. I think he’s rooting for McCain. Big time.


dickster1961 said...

I was listening to the Grandy & Andy show locally on WMAL in DC. (Grandy as in Gopher from the Love Boat) They talked a little bit about Bill Clinton on the view, and one of the commentators said they bet that when Bill goes into the voting booth, he will pull the lever for John McCain.

Also, I am watching the Glenn Beck show on Headline News and they were just talking about the same thing. The panel was discussing how Bill seemed to distance himself from Obama. They even speculated that it was part of the Clinton's grand plan to torpedo Obama in this election, leave McCain with all the shit the country is currently going through, and set Hillary up for 2012.

Kellybelle said...

"The Patriots scored a lot of points too!" ROTFLMAO. I love CHris Rock.

dickster1961 said...

"The Patriots scored a lot of points too!" ROTFLMAO. I love CHris Rock.

Yeah, Chris Rock is hilarious, but he is wrong about one thing, people all over the world DO NOT love Carrot Top.

mel said...

....my new favorite person : Chris Rock.

Jorge Vega said...

Chris Rock has always been kind of hit or miss for me... but, damn, when he's on he's on. Didn't Letterman seem kind of nervous during Chris' segment?

bklyn6 said...

"Michael Vick is like, 'Why am I in jail?'" LOL.

Is it me, or did Chris seem like he was on some stuff? He seemed a little different.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Hilarious and on point.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there!!

I don't think there is ANYTHING AT ALL wrong with Bill Clinton deciding that he is not enthralled with Obama... Obama says whatever is going to be approved of by whites so I am not sure Bill believes that obama has a backbone. Frankly, I don't know if he has one either! Hillary certainly has one...and maybe that is part of the reason she didn't connect with many voters who like a cotton candy president like Barack.

Bill is a Dem and he HAS TO support the Democratic candidate publicly...he doesn't have to do so with sincerity and that is why we are seeing the "dance"...Bill is making it clear, "I am saying this ONLY BECAUSE I am a Democrat. I do not support Obama."

He is entitled to feel that way.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

neptune said...

What is there to be surprised about here? The Clintonistas want McCain to win because they think that'll leave them in the best position for 2012. Never mind what will be left of this country by then.

Bill Clinton is a brilliant politician but he knows it and probably feels that Obama just isn't deferential enough.

I didn't throw in for either Hillary or Barack but I can appreciate that Obama doesn't kiss the Clinton's asses.

that dude said...

Billary ain't shit.

Chris Rock is a genius (just for the moose hunting/Michael Vick connection alone).

That is all.

mel said...

BWBTT said, "Hillary certainly has one...and maybe that is part of the reason she didn't connect with many voters who like a cotton candy president like Barack."


Umm, maybe Hillary didn't connect with voters because she was too busy trying to remember if she and her daughter were, or weren't, once in the line of SNIPER fire.

The woman couldn't tell the truth.

MacDaddy said...

Undercover: I noticed the half-hearted support of Obama. But I think it's for two reasons, both self-centered. First, he is calculating enough to know that, if McCain wins in 2008, Hillary Clinton can win in 2012, as crazy as McCain is. Secondly, he's jealous of Obama. Obama is the Clinton of 1992: Good looking, charming, smart, new kid in town. And he can speak as well as Bill, if not better. Bill hates the fact that he's met his match, himself, only younger and slightly darker.

dez said...

Is it me, or did Chris seem like he was on some stuff? He seemed a little different.

Seemed like his usual Chris Rock self to me :-)

I guess that meeting between Bill and Obama didn't go as well as I'd thought. Rats.

Oh, and my word verification today is "Surya"--as in Bonaly, I hope.

Anonymous said...

What I think is so ironic and funny about this entire Blog post is that Clinton's behavior is no different than it was entire presidency. The man talks out of both sides of his mouth and he always has. It's just finally coming to light to many on the left because he's standing in their way this time. As an independent I was always amazed at how easily Clinton could wow the American left by truly saying nothing. I'm just glad people are realizing it more and more. Hopefully Barack will stand strong as a true leader in a country that is starving for them.