Thursday, September 18, 2008

George Clinton on ‘The Tonight Show’

I didn’t know George was gonna be on. But Dr. Funkenstein performed on “The Tonight Show” last night in support of his new album which I don’t expect to buy.

Here’s the clip:


that dude said...

C'mon, UBM, the completist in you doesn't want this? Plus, even though George's vocals were horrible, the arrangements of "Ain't That Particular" were great (I believe by Foley, who I think I spotted on the drums during that Tonight Show clip).

In the studio, George's vocals will probably be pro-tooled to tolerance or eliminated altogether, right?

Didn't it sound like Sly on the vocal of "Take You Higher"? He was supposed to be on the show that night too, but...big surprise...looks like he didn't make it.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I got over my George Clinton completism. I'm now a Bernie Worrell completist. That's a lot more satisfying.

I'll be sharing some tasties here inna minute... said...

Hey there!!

I am not trying to make a crack but isn't George Clinton close to 70 now??

He's still performing??



Undercover Black Man said...

You're right, Lisa. He's 68. Cocaine and Viagra are keeping him alive.

fishesalot said...

That shite rocked!!! .....yeah, like 30 years ago.

The singing lefty actually reminded me of Glen Goins in a way.


Undercover Black Man said...

^ And I don't know who that cat is. I don't know who most of that band is.

Can't remember the last time I saw the Mob. Maybe 5 years ago in D.C.?

James said...

Sigh. I love George. I listened to the whole new album yesterday. I liked about 20% of it. "Peculiar" has the best groove. This Leno performance stank. The only way he got any heat was to do Slick and the Family Brick! (No offense to Sly. I saw him in concert a couple of months ago. He barely got away with his legacy intact.) George's is unraveling before our eyes.

My wife believes Bowie is all that. I have always argued for George. We saw Bowie and he tore it up. Now she wants me to take her to see George. Um, no. I'll show her some videos from back in the day.


Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yep, James. Nothing can take those memories away.

I can't quantify the amount of joy George brought to my life. Still... ain't no shame in retiring.

fishesalot said...


...Glen Goins was one of the best singers Funkadelic ever had, he was particularly famous for wailing "swing low sweet chariot stop and let me ride..." He died about 10 years ago. He used to turn the Capitol Center out!


dez said...

@james, how does George sound on the album? Pro-Tooled to high Heaven, or okay, or as rough as in the performance clip?

My fave part of the Leno clip is George going out into the audience and scaring the crap out of those blonde chicks in the front row, heh heh.