Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fox News mocks blind governor

Since the Republicans are so sensitive about words all of a sudden, I might as well point this out: Fox News just put up a graphic mocking the blindness of New York Gov. David Paterson.

Brit Hume teased an upcoming segment on Paterson’s criticism of the McCain-Palin ticket. (According to the Associated Press, Paterson mentioned “overtones of potential racial coding” in GOP campaign rhetoric.)

Before Fox News cut to a commercial, the image on screen was David Paterson and Sarah Palin and these words: “Color Bind.” A play on the word colorblind.

Gov. Paterson, of course, is legally blind.

How’s that for tacky? I hope the governor demands an apology.


Andrew said...

Now now, we all know that compound words are tricky.

Mt.Vernon JoJo said...

Although I don't have nice things to say about Fox News, I think Governor Paterson was out of line to make those insinuations. It's something Jesse Jackson would do and I thought Paterson was better than that. Shame on Fox News if they were intentionally mocking Paterson's blindness but I am inclined to give them a pass because Paterson's comments were gratuitous.

Nathan said...

Mt. Vernon jojo, maybe you haven't exactly caught on to why the Repubs made so many negative references to community organizers: They wanted to tie Barack Obama to lightning rods LIKE Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Both have lent notably muted support of his campaign, and the GOP wishes it had some B-roll footage of them stumping for Obama. They don't, so they have to make him look like a troublemaker through other means. David Paterson wasn't wrong to find fault with that.

As for Fox News...well, they're Fox News. They're not about journalism, they're about entertainment. I can imagine their spokesman responding to complaints with something like, "Why is he complaining about the graphic? It isn't like he saw it firsthand."

Armand DiFerdinando said...


An apology for WHAT?? That is really stretching it. There might be "9" degrees of separation between color bind, color blind, the Governor is blind, color bind, black is a color, The Governor is black, etc., etc.

I have noticed today you haven't mentioned 9/11, flags, patriotism, etc. I would think since Mrs. Obama finally lied her way out of her "for once in my life I am proud of my country" gaffe, the black liberals might at least acknowledge the death and suffering of thousands of Americans 8 years ago, even though the overwhelming majority of the dead were white Americans. Of course with that many 'white devils' buried that week, I am sure the black community was not too upset.

Undercover Black Man said...

Armand, welcome to my blog.

1.) It was seven years ago, not eight.

2.) Don't you see that "car flag" in my sidebar? Remember all the "car flags" you used to see after 9-11? That's because nothing says "I love America" like a car flag.

3.) If you don't think "Color Bind" was a play on the word "colorblind," and thus a mockery of Gov. Paterson's blindness, then maybe Michelle Obama was right when she said America is a "downright mean country."

Now, Carol Merrill, show him his lovely parting gift.

dez said...

I guess I'm a mean American, because my reaction to people like Armando is basically: Fuck you, and fuck everyone like you who uses the deaths of all those people (including one of my cousins) for political gain. Just shut the fuck up and go away.