Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MSNBC catfights!

I’ve been in a hotel the past few days, getting some work done. But this place doesn’t have MSNBC on the damn box... only CNN and Fox.

Turns out I’ve been missing some clawin’ and scratchin’ amongst MSNBC’s on-air talent.

This morning, Joe Scarborough, host of “Morning Joe,” jumped in David Shuster’s shit when Shuster made a crack about “your party.” (Scarborough used to be a Republican congressman.)

On Monday afternoon, Scarborough traded swipes with MSNBC’s biggest star – leftist blowhard Keith Olbermann – about John McCain’s poll numbers. Scarborough and Chris Matthews got a tad pissy with each other as well. Reeer!

Both clips are below. (Hat-tip: The Huffington Post.)

I like Scarborough, and I like “Morning Joe.” But he can get real snippy and nasty... usually when mixing it up with a liberal (such as Rachel Maddow).

Unfortunately for Scarborough’s blood pressure, MSNBC is tilting more and more to the left... apparently adopting the Fox News business model of naked partisanship.

Anyhoo... nice clips. Good ’n’ squirmy.

UPDATE (08/27/08): And it happened yet again... Tuesday afternoon. Chris Matthews got seriously pissy with Keith Olbermann! Must-See TV... it’s the third clip below!

Wow, MSNBC is coming unhinged. What is up with that?


Bellingham View said...

Speaking of catfights, did you see Matthews and Olbermann's little flare-up tonight (Tuesday)?

Early in the evening during the Democratic convention coverage, Matthews was in the middle of a lengthy assessment of Hillary's impending speech, when he starts saying "I'll wrap up in a minute" or some such (probably to a wildly gesticulating off-camera producer), and then Keith throws to an interview with a patiently waiting Stenny Hoyer (spelling?) by apologizing for he and Matthew making Hoyer wait as they were "going on and on" or some such. Of course, Olbermann illustrated this with the universal hand sign for "blah-blah-blah," which elicited an angry retort from Matthews to Keith.

I normally DVR both Hardball and Countdown on a regular basis and generally like the two of these guys, but Matthews has seemed unhinged this week, with all kinds of odd behavior. I think he's too outsized a personality to work effectively with a partner (hell, he can't even be bothered to wait for his guest's reponses before moving on to his next question on his own show) these days.

Whatever the case, the tension is great. I think we have a pretty good chance of Chris going Zell Miller on Keith by the end of the week.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ooh, I missed! I've thought those two are a powderkeg waiting to blow ever since Keith was elevated to election-night co-anchor.

Matthews has every reason to not respect Keith as a political analyst. So it must gall Matthews that Keith is now the Prince of MSNBC.

On the other hand, like you say, Chris Matthews is an out-of-control gasbag regardless. Mix and stir, I say!

Bellingham View said...

Here's the link, from Media Bistro, with their more professional explanation. :)


Scroll down for the actual video.

Undercover Black Man said...

Amaaazing, RP! What is up with those people? This is Super Bowl Week for the all-news cable nets... and MSNBC's stars are coming unglued!

If this keeps up, it'll be the talk of the industry. (Oh please... let it keep up!)

Anyway, thanks... I've added that third vid to the queue.

cnulan said...

all the gasbags are pissy cause of the lovely rachel maddow's recent promotion.

the writing is on the wall for many of these not-so-competent talkers.

Geneva Girl said...

I can't, of course, get MSNBC live either, but I've started downloading entire shows for free on iTunes. I got tired of not seeing what you guys were taling about. I now have my morning coffee and watch Olbermann.

W is for Wanda said...

Oh man, that Keith Olbermann vs Chris Matthews competition is SO heating up right now! I saw them get into it and Matthews was pissed. I still think that Matthews would have a chance in a cagematch with Olbermann.

Undercover Black Man said...

all the gasbags are pissy cause of the lovely rachel maddow's recent promotion.

You know what, though, Craig? I can certainly see how Matthews might feel threatened, as Rachel brings the new hotness while Chris is still sharing anecdotes about Tip O'Neill.

But I say watch out for Olbermann. Yes, he's acting all like he discovered Rachel (even though she started appearing on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show a couple years ago), and he's talking her up like the proud big brother...

But if she starts to steal a little of his spotlight? If she gets a little too much love in the press? I think Olbermann's the type to turn on her... green eyes blazin'.

In general, though, watching these clips, I felt bad that Rachel is walking into such a hostile work environment.

Undercover Black Man said...

I saw them get into it and Matthews was pissed.

Wanda, I cannot stop watching that clip! Matthews did that on the air! Does he have a drinking problem? What the hell is wrong with him?

Tim said...

MSNBC has been so nutso and fun to watch! I'm glad you posted about it. With Russert gone it's like Lord of the Flies. Also, who was the idiot who put them outside next to a train station?

Undercover Black Man said...

With Russert gone it's like Lord of the Flies.


Johnny Disaster said...

I think Chris needed a nap...

Wanda said...

Does he have a drinking problem? What the hell is wrong with him?

Well he did seem a little bit red in the face. Maybe he through back a few to help him deal with Olbermann. :)

Wanda said...

i meant "threw", not "through". lol

Dan Coyle said...

I've often wondered if Matthews has a drinking problem.

I think I read somewhere he doesn't consider himself successful. Jesus, if that's TRUE...

Nothing the guy has said for over ten years has made a lick of sense, and I'm half convinced every time I watch him he's going to talk himself into a stroke like Pembleton did on that one episode of Homicide.

Man, that was some awesome TV right there.

Dan Coyle said...

Tim: The Daily Show also used a Lord of the Files analogy. Great minds think alike!

Stewart said Matthews and Olbermann were like "Statler and Waldorf", Scarborough was like "Sam the Eagle", and David Shuster was "Beaker".

I know you're not a fan of Keith O, David, but it is nice to see a liberal blowhard on prime time.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I guess there has to be an anti-Hannity.

But goodness, I'm tired of being spun.