Monday, August 18, 2008

Kill Bill?

I got a feeling Bill O’Reilly is about to pitch a fit. And we’re gonna hear about it this week. Because a rap group called East Coast Avengers has a song coming out called “Kill Bill O’Reilly.”

The track was leaked to the internets last week. (Hat-tip: Byron Crawford.) You can stream it on my Vox blog by clicking here.

Looks like the makings of a first-class self-promotional clusterfuck to me. These no-name whiteboys figure they can get attention by talking some outrageous shit. And O’Reilly can seize the opportunity to bash hip-hop and the liberal media some more.

And all of them can act like they’re courageous.

Oh well. Could be mildly entertaining.

UPDATE (08/18/08): O’Reilly is on vacation. Dammit.


Eric said...

And "East Coast Avengers" is redundant. It was the "West Coast Avengers" who were the spinoff team.

Now an album by the "Great Lakes Avengers," that I might buy.

(Pour out a 40 for my boy Mark Gruenwald.)

Dan Coyle said...

Eric: Word. Last week was the 12th anniversary of his sudden death.

Squadron Supreme, yo!