Thursday, August 21, 2008

Damn, Snoop...

The Baltimore Sun reports tonight that Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, who was a standout performer on HBO’s “The Wire,” has been charged with marijuana possession and is being held at Central Booking.

She played the role of a killer called “Snoop” on “The Wire.”

As a juvenile, Pearson served time for murder. But her popularity on “The Wire” led to a book deal and the hope that she had turned her life around.

This drug arrest sprang from Pearson’s status as an “uncooperative witness” in an upcoming Baltimore murder trial.

According to the Sun, police found what they thought was marijuana when they broke into Snoop’s home yesterday to serve a “body attachment” warrant to ensure that she’d testify next month as an eyewitness against an accused killer.

(Hat-tip: TV Tattle.)


maria said...

can't say i blame her for not wanting to be part of the trial. having a bit of weed in the house doesn't signal to me like she hasn't turned her life around.

so they get to lock her up til the trial? doesn't seem right. hope she has a good lawyer.

Jess said...

Exactly, Maria. Seriously, from doing time for murder to becoming a paid actress that smokes pot. Sounds like she turned her life around to me. Kudos Felicia, don't let this get you down.

Undercover Black Man said...

having a bit of weed in the house doesn't signal to me like she hasn't turned her life around.

True indeed, Maria. It's being in a position to witness a dude getting stabbed up that's the worrying thing.

maria said...

the murder was 3 years ago, tho. and lots of innocent folk witness murders.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ah. I guess the state's attorney is taking advantage of Snoop's celebrity. Which sucks.

maria said...

also, consider this: if she was in CA and had a doctor's note, she'd be in the clear.

new yorker just had an expose of medical marijuana, and some of the jokers who make it happen--including doctors who work for cash only.

you have to subscribe to read the whole story, but here is a link to audio with the author.

bklyn6 said...

No spliff there, Snoop. ;-)

“uncooperative witness”

As in "No snitchin'"? So if she were being cooperative, there'd be no need to bust her on position of marijuana?

Vince Spence said...

Is it life imitating art or vice-versa...?

Vince Spence said...


I have to admit I am wrong. The murder rate in Baltimore is down almost 50% YTD. The 'stop snitchin' DVD by Rodney Bethea & Rodney Thomas, a.k.a. "Skinny Suge," must be working. Carmelo Anthony endorsed it also - right after endorsing the Melo M4 basketball shoe.

Sure enough don't want people snitching on stabbers, rapists and murderers.

I am told Hilary endorses 'stop snitchin', too.

Vince Spence said...

The Wire.

Live imitating art, or vice-versa...?

Thembi said...

Actually, Id be mad if Snoop didn't have at least one blunt in her crib at all times. At least.

maria said...

she's out.,0,6739041.story

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks, Maria.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

LOL @ Thembi!

I would too. A little weed never hurt anyone, well, except that guy who got stoned and then tried to drive a train. Limits.

As far as my girl. I LOVE her. I LOVE that she got busted for not snitching. I LOVE that she had weed in her crib (and not driving around with a pound like certain a$$hole celebs).

And I LOVE that she's all the way real about her sexuality (unlike so many other celebs).

She'll always have my support. FREE SNOOP!!

Oh, she's out. Never mind.

Double Up said...

Thug is as thug does. Guess she, like most of the television-viewing public out there, did not watch your little show for whatever positive message was supposedly sandwiched between the gratuitos brutality.