Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday 12-inch Flashback: ‘(Fallin’ Like) Dominoes’

Jazz purists got angry and/or shed tears when trumpeter Donald Byrd – a world-class hard-bopper from the Art Blakey school– slid over into commercial funk ’n’ soul.

But, see, the lure of the funk was strong in the 1970s. Musicians who wanted to be in touch with the masses had to go there.

Consequently, Donald Byrd – as well as Herbie Hancock and Herbie Mann – added nice flavors to black radio.

Here’s a track I love. Produced by the Mizell Brothers, “(Fallin’ Like) Dominoes” was a minor hit in 1976.

In the hip-hop era, it has been sampled by Ice Cube, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and (as with last week’s 12-inch) Stetsasonic.

Cheers to fastflyer2007 for uploading this.


Dollar Bill said...

Eas bumpin' this and J.H.-Shifting Gears,etc. on the speakers in front of the store today.

This is summer music at it's finest.

Dollar Bill said...


No idea.

Undercover Black Man said...

This is summer music at it's finest.

Yeah, the chorus is a killer.

I remember buying the CD in Tower Records on Sunset Blvd. a few years ago, not knowing this song by its title... not looking for any track in particular. When this song started, I was like, "I know this tune."

And then the chorus kicked in and I was like, "I remember this! I love this track! I can't believe I stumbled and bought it without even knowing!"