Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday 12-inch Flashback: ‘Best Beat in Town’

I never thought the name “DeBarge” would appear on this blog.

But I cannot deny a nostalgic affection for this 1979 hit by Switch, which first made me aware of the DeBarge family.

Cheers to the Canadian YouTuber known as “discorecords” for uploading this one.


Thembi said...

You know I have a Debarge fixation, right? All of that good hair gone bad and that Mama Debarge who just knows she's fly. Great choice.

daughterofthedream said...

Yes, indeed...Switch's first CD..erm, record, is awesome. "I Call Your Name" is still the jam!

Kellybelle said...

Eddie Fluellen! I still love you like I did in 7th grade!

bklyn6 said...

I don't know this one. My Switch joint is "There'll Never Be."

"All of that good hair gone bad...."

Word. (I hope El didn't drop the soap when he was in jail.)

I was never a big fan of the group. Those Debarge men never did it for me; I'm not sure why. However, I do have "You Wear It Well" on my mp3 player. And I love Chico's "Talk To Me."

mynameismyname said...

"Good hair"? ...ewwww. What's that?

I actually own Switch's first self titled LP on wax. In near mint condition. I also own DeBarge's two, "All This Love" and "In Special Way". El DeBarge was a pop songwriting genius. Never got his due.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there,

You are very very brave for expressing your groove for the DeBarges!!