Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steve Reid in Dakar

Last December, I pointed you to a free download from Steve Reid’s latest album, “Daxaar.”

Reid, an American jazz drummer, has a deep interest in African music. He lived in Africa for three years during the 1960s, learning from the legendary Ghanaian drummer Guy Warren and performing with Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti.

“Daxaar” was recorded last year in Senegal. It features the nation’s top guitarist, Jimi Mbaye (pictured), who has been a sideman for Youssou N’Dour since 1979.

Listen to Mbaye rock out on the cut “Big G’s Family,” streaming here on my Vox blog.

The album has a loose, jammy feel, but I’m digging it. (And you can’t beat the iTunes price: $5.99!)

What I really enjoy is this 12-minute video below. England’s Domino Records documented a “Daxaar” recording session at Jimi Mbaye’s home studio... and also a nightclub gig.


bklyn6 said...

Nice stream! :thumbsup:

Kellybelle said...

How interesting! I like the beat. And it was funny how they ragged on the English ambassador, lol.

Fela said...

Hey, you might be interested in Fela! A New Musical, beginning performances on August 5th. It's about Fela Kuti's life, and is choreographed by Bill T. Jones. You can get $25 tickets by visiting and using code Social1

bklyn6 said...

^Thanks, fela!

(This is the second time I've seen Bill T. Jones's name mentioned today!)

Undercover Black Man said...

Holy shit! Could be amazing.