Friday, July 11, 2008

Something new from Grace Jones

The song is called “Corporate Cannibal.” (Hat-tip: Ernest Hardy.)


Dollar Bill said...

Gotta say it is now my favorite Grace Jones song.

The video is very cool and takes full advantage of her high contrast,Mapplethorpe style,geletain print,B&W,striking,strange beauty.

In other words I don't know what it is that glues my eyes to her,but that is the enigma/appeal of her.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yep. All that.

It's about time she got with the Web 2.0 era. And U.K. YouTube viewers are all up on this one.

New album allegedly coming in the fall. said...

Hey there! {waves}

Thank you so much for supporting the work at my blog!! {hugs}

I think this video is classic Grace Jones....I don't like the way her face is stretched and contorted because she's such a beautiful black woman and she doesn't have to become a "creature" to sell her music or message....

Thanks for sharing this video! I didn't realize Grace Jones was still recording! I haven't seen her since she was "Straaaaange" in the film Boomerang when Eddie told her he was gay and she turned out the entire restaurant! *LOL*


Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yeah, it's been a while, Lisa. I wonder what she's been doing?

She should be raising havoc.

thevegasstyleguy said...

My favorite concerts have always been miss Jones'. She opened the revamped Hollywood Paladium yrs and yrs ago. She was late (this woman refined CP time to an art form)but when she finally showed it by swinging over the audience whipping them as flew over their heads! People were jumping up to be whipped! After, she sat next to me in the VIP room (I had a friend working the door, otherwise...). She looked at me and said, "champagne!" I jumped to get it. When I gave it to her she said, "sit!". For two hours she didnt say another word to me but all anyone in the room knew is that I was sitting with GRACE JONES! Never so many jealous bitches as that night!


James said...

Not my favorite Grace song, but WHO CARES??? Grace is back! Slave to the rhythm? NO! Slave to Grace. Consume me, Grace! said...

@ thevegastyleguy

Now THAT would have been a night to remember....

Eventhough it's not common for a minister to admit this...I have always looooved the outrageousness of Grace Jones!! (Her brother, Noel, is a very well respected preacher. I love him too!)