Thursday, July 31, 2008

Playlist: Four more non-singin’-ass actors

Last November I shared with you the musical stylings of Russell Crowe, Billy Bob Thornton and other Hollywood actors. Here go some more:

1. “Dark Angel” – Steven Seagal

I didn’t know Mr. Seagal fancied himself an electric bluesman. Evidently nobody had the guts to tell him he sucks. Seagal’s 2006 album “Mojo Priest” features some legendary guest artists: Bo Diddley, Ruth Brown and Pinetop Perkins. Damn shame.

2. “Anywhere I Lay My Head” – Scarlett Johansson

She’s one of Hollywood’s hottest young leading ladies. She’s also a Barack Obama supporter, so I shan’t say anything snarky about Scarlett Johansson. This track is from her new album of Tom Waits covers – “Anywhere I Lay My Head” – produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek.

3. “Red River Valley” – Buckethead & Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is the best actor on this list. He’s also an avant-garde renaissance man – a poet, a painter, a composer, and a recording artist with good taste in collaborators.

Mortensen paired with freakishly talented guitarist Buckethead for the 2008 album “Pandemonium from America” (dedicated to hard-left activist Noam Chomsky).

None of which means I’d pay to hear Viggo Mortensen sing.

4. “Hardly Wait” – Juliette Lewis

Nowadays, Juliette Lewis fronts a rock band called Juliette and the Licks. But she recorded this caterwauling PJ Harvey cover in 1995. It’s on a benefit CD called “Hollywood Goes Wild!,” which includes tunes from Jeff Goldblum, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves and others.

Brand new copies of this CD are available through sellers... for the price of one cent.


Dan Coyle said...

Actually, the PJ Harvey cover Juliette Lewis performed was for her character in Strange Days originally.

Now that's a fuckin' awesome movie.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Ahh. Was her character supposed to suck?


Phelps said...

I thought it was racist to talk about Obama and Hollywood blondes in the same breath?

Thembi said...

I will be absolutely satisfied if Steven Seagal never does anything related to entertainment again.

Dan Coyle said...

No, she was supposed to be the One Twoo Wuv of the main character... but he opted for Angela Bassett instead at the end.

Dan Coyle said...

Thembi: I dunno, those movies he "appears" in these days are a fuckin' riot. Most of the time he's standing perfectly still, delivering lines, then a bad body double sort of hits a guy. Exposition from bad characters. Repeat.

WMB said...

It is funny how both Ta Nihesi Coates and you both go out of your way to tell us you aren't of the left; liberal, maybe, but not left. You just signaled this fact again, with your description of Noam Chomsky as "hard left."

If you knew anything about him --or lefty politics-- you wouldn't describe him that way. Do you know anything about Chomsky that isn't second- or third-hand "knowledge"?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Do you mean to say Chomsky isn't hard left?

Indy said...

Noam Chomsky has a texture somewhere between dried mushrooms and week-old oatmeal.

While this is certainly "firm", I would not describe it as hard.

/man, i wouldn't mind singing some Tom Waits covers with a backup band, but I only like the weird ones.

Cemetary Polka, Singapore, etc.