Thursday, July 17, 2008

MBP of the Week: The Times (Trenton, N.J.)

According to Regret the Error, the following correction was published in the Times of Trenton:

“The picture of Tupac Shakur in People in the News was misidentified as Snoop Dogg.”

I have no further information, like a date. But I would love to see a print copy of the original mistake, because this is a classic Misidentified Black Person. Proving that even in death, you are not safe.

(Thanks, Rich.)


stan said...

Really no excuse. I can understand a paper not knowing who Nick Cannon is but mixing up Tupac and Snoop damn that is embarassing. said...

Hey there!!

Are they serious?

Tupac was completely bald...
Snoop has braids like a can they mix up the two??

{shaking my head}

New Black Woman said...

How can you confuse Tupac with ANY rapper???

teresa said...

clearly, they don't have any one of color working there--or anyone under 50, for that matter.

tourguide said...

I was a reporter at said newspaper. They've gone through a lot of staffing cuts in the past several years. Plus, the office is segmented (into news, entertainment, sports etc). The people covering entertainment were probably not the ones that gave the identification, which was probably on deadline. No excuses, just explanation from someone (once) on the inside.