Saturday, May 17, 2008

A free Thornetta Davis download

Detroit’s own Thornetta Davis flew across my radar screen a dozen years ago. She was an indie rocker backed by a white funk band called Big Chief.

Now she is a full-on blueswoman.

Follow this link to Ms. Davis’s MySpace page, and you can download a FREE MP3... if you have a MySpace account also.

It’s a live performance of “Damn Your Eyes,” a tune that’s been recorded by Etta James, Bettye LaVette and Sinead O’Connor. This version is from Thornetta’s 2001 CD “Covered Live at the Music Menu.”

Click here to stream “Damn Your Eyes” on my Vox blog.

Last August, I streamed a track from Thornetta’s 1996 indie-rock album “Sunday Morning Music” (downloadable from iTunes). I want to do it again. So click here to hear “And I Spin”... a track I would use in a TV show in a heartbeat. (Especially the chorus.)


PapaSean said...

That's my homegirl!

Anonymous said...

man, Big Chief was a punk-rock-soul band

Thornetta Davis rules!