Sunday, May 18, 2008

‘The Black List’ is opening soon.

Back in January, I blogged about a new documentary film by my friend Elvis Mitchell and his friend, photographer/filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

It’s called “The Black List: Volume One,” and it’s a series of interviews with notable black folks.

Mark your calendars; “The Black List” opens May 30 at the Laemmle’s Grande 4-plex in downtown Los Angeles. It will open in New York City two weeks after that, and it’s due to premiere on HBO in August.

Variety has praised the film as “a rich and revealing work of portraiture.”

Below are Elvis and Tim talking about “The Black List” at the Sundance Film Festival.


GenevaGirl said...

I hope that BBC picks it up so I can see it. I wish Elvis had taken the mic from Timothy so that he would have been easier to hear. Maybe he's so used to being on the other side, he's not that comfortable doing that.

Sam said...

Why put Al Sharpton on the cover? Just curious why, if you've got Toni Morrison, Chris Rock, etc, you'd go with someone as controversial as Sharpton--or maybe that's the point.

Greetings from Canada, by the way.

dj said...

Sam,you are not alone.

There be Canucks afoot 'ere.

The real controversy for us is having the May 2-4 weekend one week before the 24th.

Kellybelle said...

That's sounds interesting--I like that he called out documentaries for treating Blacks like victims and case studies. Will it be released on video (I don't have HBO ;-( )

Kellybelle said...

I meant video in the DVD sense.

maria said...

interesting that HBO used sharpton in the poster, yet the filmakers never mentioned him. all of all the folks included, he is the one i am least interested in. i wouldn't even call sharpton controversial...i'd call him cliched and so yesterday.

boo HBO on the poster; yeah on the concept.

Reviewer X said...

I saw the premiere at Sundance.

I'm no fan of his at all., but Sharpton brings it in the film.

There were audible groans when his segment begins. There was loud applause when his segment ended because knocked it out.

Diddy was the worst of all interviewed.

They will release it on DVD for sure. They also want to do a national tour in theaters with the film.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for the info, X.