Thursday, April 10, 2008

No need to thank me, Lawrence Auster.

So let me explain how I stumbled upon “Scott Roberts” (pictured), the race-baiting YouTuber I wrote about this morning. Believe it or not, my old nemesis Lawrence Auster, the far-right blogger, is involved.

Lawrence Auster doesn’t like Barack Obama. He describes Obama as a “hollow phony” and a “vacuous, politically correct, black racist.”

Well, yesterday morning Auster posted an item called “Obama is a racist.” It began thusly:

“A fellow named Scott Roberts has a YouTube presentation arguing, on the basis of Obama’s own statements and those of his church, that he is a racist and black nationalist.

“Roberts dresses and looks like a slob, but is soft-spoken and intelligent. He is thus the opposite of Obama: inelegant on the outside, truthful and sincere on the inside.”

It didn’t take me long to discover something else about Scott Roberts. He’s an anti-Semite.

Lawrence Auster doesn’t like anti-Semites. He thinks they’re “the scum of the earth.” (Auster is Jewish by birth, Anglican by choice.)

I’m not on speaking terms with Auster. But I couldn’t resist zipping him an email to let him know that Scott – whom he described as “soft-spoken and intelligent” – wrote the following words for his YouTube profile:

“... we could NEVER hope to beat the Zionist[s] at their own game anyway. They have become MASTERS of propaganda through time and they simply do not play by the same rules.”

Scott Roberts, in some of his videos, expounds upon the anti-white actions of Jewish elites.

Auster did not return my email. But within 20 minutes, he removed all references to Scott Roberts (and his video) from his blog. Oopsies!

In retrospect, I should have kept quiet. I should’ve allowed Lawrence Auster to learn, in his own sweet time, that he was pushing Web traffic to a Jew-baiter and neo-Nazi sympathizer. (Scott is a paying member of the Stormfront community.)

This might’ve taught Mr. Auster something about the hazards of reckless Obama-hatin’.


Anonymous said...

I love a good burn after lunch.

odocoileus said...


But you've also exposed a fundamental flaw of the white nationalist program. When does the division and exclusion stop?

It's easy enough to get people to rally around excluding black folks. Heck, a bunch of Latinos and Asians would sign on for a movement like that. But after the blacks, Latinos, and Asians are gone, white folks would just turn on each other. Jew vs goy. Teutonic vs Mediterranean vs Slav vs Celt. North vs South.

Bklyn6 said...

In retrospect, I should’ve kept quiet.


That guy seems ignorant. He probably wouldn't have found out on his own, anyway.

But after the blacks, Latinos, and Asians are gone, white folks would just turn on each other.

Rich v poor. (It's not about race, it's about class!)

Anonymous said...

yank him from your site, too! the asshole deserves no platforms, DM!!

i just can't believe it helps to let ignorant people speak.

it's far better to ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I'm unclear about why you are giving this literal joke the time of day.

He is a redneck who is not even intelligent. You've really given him more attention than he deserves.

If you want to run into some real racists to cover, check out the "niggermania" website.