Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A free Melvin Gibbs download

Today’s freebie comes from bass player Melvin Gibbs, who has been on the cutting edge of funky jazz for 25 years.

Gibbs has recorded and gigged with the likes of Vernon Reid, Bill Frisell, Sonny Sharrock, James Blood Ulmer and Henry Rollins.

One of his current projects is the JFM Trio (with Jeff Parker and Francisco Mora Catlett). If you’re a MySpace member, you can download a JFM track called “Snake’s Fanfare.”

That and other FREE MP3s are available on Gibbs’s MySpace page.

To hear “Snake’s Fanfare” on my Vox blog, click here.


DeAngelo Starnes said...

Ah, you checked the mySpace. All those cats associated with Melvin Gibbs, Jean-Paul, and Vernon Reid have some baad pages. Check that Head>Fake sheeit. Whew!

Tune into that email I shot you.

Des said...

I found this line up on the MySpace page:

the Punk- Funk All- Stars are:
Joe Bowie- trombone, vocals
James "Blood" Ulmer - guitar, vocals
Vernon Reid - guitar
Ronald Shannon Jackson - drums
Melvin Gibbs - bass

I'd pay real good money to see that crew.

It's refreshing hearing a bassist play some low notes for a change.