Monday, March 3, 2008

¡Viva Obama! ¡Viva Hillary!

Tomorrow’s high-stakes Texas primary will be decided, no doubt, by which way the Hispanic vote breaks. They say Hillary Clinton is strong in the Latino community.

But Barack Obama’s words can heal the sick. That’s gotta count for something, right?

So... in the battle for the corazones y cerebros of Spanish-speaking voters, both sides are using music.

Have you heard “¡Viva Obama!,” by a Southern California band called Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico? Here’s the YouTube video:

The Clinton campaign has answered with “Hillary, Hillary Clinton,” by the Houston Latin-pop band Mango Punch. (I only wish there were some Appalachian bluegrass tunes targeting white Ohio voters!)

Check out “Hillary, Hillary Clinton”:


Bay Radical said...

Ahh, the callous marketing!

A friend of a friend participated in this Spanish language Obama campaign - I'm not clear if it’s officially endorsed or not:

odocoileus said...
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odocoileus said...

The analysis I heard on NPR was that Hil gets the amigos, Obam gets the morenos, and they fight it out for the gabacho vote. Edumacated gabachos go for the O-man, and Jane Lunchbucket lines up behind HRC. (Them wide backside gals got to stick together.)

Yeah, I heard some Obama reggaeton a couple of weeks ago. Quite catchy.

Malcolm said...

I put together my own video, in anticipation of Hillary being done after tomorrow.

If you like it, please pass it around, I'm trying to get some traffic to my You Tube videos.

Withnail said...

Speaking of Obama Reggeatron, check out this clip by the Jewish/Latin hip hop band (yes, you read that right) called Hip Hop Hoodios.

elle said...

these songs aimed at the Latin community seem so contrived,I get an aneurysm from watching half a one on the Daily Show, I mean, are any of them good?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Well, elle, the pro-Obama mariachi song is growing on me. Plus they be rockin' those hats!

Undercover Black Man said...

Withnail: It took me a while... but thanks for pointing to that.

Best track of the bunch!