Saturday, March 22, 2008

UBM on the radio (and HuffPo)

Yeah, I get around. On NPR’s “Morning Edition” yesterday, my voice could be heard at the end of a 5-minute piece about Peggy Seltzer (the fake-ass gangsta writer chick). Follow this link to NPR’s website if you wanna stream that audio.

Also, I took my battle for truth regarding the Tuskegee syphilis experiment to the Huffington Post... BAM!

More than 100 comments await moderation. I expect to see tons of hilarious horseshit.


DeAngelo Starnes said...

Just checked it out. Good one, bruh.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Readers are going bananas, attacking me... it's fun!

Bklyn6 said...

^Well, heck! You go and shake up the natural order of things, how you expect they'd act? LOL

One reader said: "No requirement to read a whole book when you can just repeat bad info."

Books are ignorant peoples' kryptonite. :-(

cuz said...

Readers are going bananas, attacking me... it's fun!

Fun? It was rather painful to read the comments especially the person who pegged you as a Hillary Clinton supporter! Is there something going on out there that's making Hillary the new Pat Buchanan?

I guess it's like the old saying - "To know me is to love me." Happy Easter everyone!

Wanda said...

Oh David, you are such a shit disturber. You know the bleeding hearts over at the HuffPo can't handle something as complicated as FACTS!

I love this line: OK so whats the difference? Withholding treatment is better than infecting some purposely?

What? Using them as a control group for the ravages of syphilis wasn't enough? We have juicy up the story more, eh?

Next time David, you should drop in a sentence about you being black. Maybe then they will feel like they have permission to leave the Twilight Zone.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ How messed up is that though, Wanda? They're gonna process information based on the race of the person putting forth the information?

An interesting little social experiment unto itself, my undercover status in this instance...

dj said...

Wow, it is hot in there and many are missing the point or think there isn't one.
Your issue is with accuracy,not with which is worse?
If one can alter facts as they see fit,who draws the line and says it is a minor detail that doesn't affect the larger picture?

DeAngelo Starnes said...

You got hate mail? Welcome to my world. Your shit is on point because to quote and repeat something that's not true, in this case, misses the real tragedy.

You cited a source that's dedicated to the whole sorry episode (took me back to my Eso Won Books days).

I'll check the comments and get your back.

dj said...

This is one of the funnier ones,some are just sad.

"Is it my imagination when looking over your previous posts that you seem to have developed an obsession with Black people this campaign season? All 9 of your posts are about Blacks and some in their titles even include such derisive words as "Mulatto" and "Nigger". You certainly don't appear to be Black yourself from your photograph. Why is it that this appears as such a topic of interest for you at this particular time?"

Yes,please tell us David,what's up with this "Black" thing of yours,just a recent phase you're going through?

Wanda said...

lol, yes David. Please get help for your Negro fetish. We can't have that here. :)

Undercover Black Man said...

But comment EVAR from a guy who wrote "that African-American airmen serving the United States were allowed to die under medical supervision... Frankly, I find it difficult to believe that they didn't infect some of them..."

Yes, that's right... he combines the Tuskegee syphilis experiment with the Tuskegee Airmen! He thinks it was the airmen who died of syphilis!

Des said...

Now, more than ever, you should understand why we can't Leave That Child Behind.

DJ, that "black obsession" thing touched my giggle nerve.

Bone Crusher said...

David, nice post on Huffington. It's interesting how they attacked you like you were running for president! It's also interesting that a majority of the posts begin "You're correct, but..."

I wonder what Micheal Fisher's thoughts on your post are.

Des, I love the "no child left behind" comment, you should use that on Huffington.

David, I know you don't need someone to take up your battles, but if you want a positive post on Huffington, say the word and I'll attempt to lower my IQ and post over there!

SJ said...

The liberal blogosphere is indeed retarded. DailyKos, HuffPo, basically every liberal blog is full of retarded people...I mean not as retarded as right-wing blogs, but still.

I thought about posting the fact that you are indeed black but I can't log-in for some reason.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I appreciate it, Bone Crusher. But I ain't pressed. Let 'em deal with it however they wanna deal with it.

As for Michael Fisher, at least his blog has not fed into this urban legend... quite the opposite.

Blaark said...

I don't have the heart or patience to begin trolling comments in a shit talk war but I did check out the NPR bit:
"Stretched out on a park bench in Glendale..."

That's awesome... Did you do the interview in sweats? That would've been amazing... I encourage you to make all media appearances in sweats from now on, stretching out as frequently as possible on whatever furniture avails itself to you...

Meanwhile I wonder what the furor would be had Seltzer pretended to be from a meth gang and wrote as a toothless hick...

dez said...

lol, yes David. Please get help for your Negro fetish. We can't have that here. :)

If not for David's obsession, I would never have learned of the Giant Negro! You go on with your bad, Negro-lovin' self, David ;^D

GenevaGirl said...

I saw your article on Huffington Post yesterday, but didn't check out the comments until now. What a way to ruin a Sunday morning!

Goodness gracious! (It's Easter so I have to watch my mouth.) They can't handle the truth! All you did was dispel a long-standing myth, but most of the responders act like you told them the world was flat. Yes, what the health service did was heinous, but you are not at all blaming the victim that he got infected. You simply set the record straight.

I'm glad that you're enjoying their ignorance. I suppose that's the best way to handle it.

Happy Easter everyone.

Michael Fisher said...

Well, you aroused a hornet's nest there. But not all of these criticisms were unjustified.

First ou categorically state that "it never happened". For accuracy sake, you are making the same mistake as the "syphilis was injected" people. There is no way that you can prove that categorical statement. You should have said that "there is no evidence that...". Without that qualification you are on the same level of myth-making.

Next, one has to look at your statement in context. Jeremiah Wright said a whole bunch of things that are unproven and myth and presented them as truth. Above all, the supposed historical existence of Jesus during Roman times (apparently there is no evidence that Jesus ever existed). So why focus on that particular inaccuracy? Especially with a patently unprovable statement of your own?

So while I give you the benefit of the doubt 'cause I've gotten to know you, I can't blame the haters over there for hating on you.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ (apparently there is no evidence that Jesus ever existed)

Happy Easter to you too, Michael! ;^D

I defend my confrontationial wording ("Never happened"... less provocative alternatives "Wrong" and "Nope") as a necessary provocation, given the level of ignorance apparently dominating this issue.

Anonymous said...

There's not much contemporary disinterested commentary about a minor figure known as Jesus running around the dusty outposts around the sea of Galilee. There's no historical evidence that he was what he claimed to be--the Saviour, the Son of God, etc. But, there was plenty written about Christians and their beliefs in him--Pliny, Tacitus, Flavius Josephus.