Monday, March 10, 2008

‘They are trying to hoodwink you.’

Oh, snap! Sen. Obama deconstructs the Clinton campaign’s bamboozling tactic of saying that Hillary & Barack (in that order) would make a “dream ticket.”

The brief clip above is from a town-hall meeting today in Columbus, Mississippi. I wish Team Obama had uploaded more of it to YouTube, because Obama’s second point is even stronger: How can Hillary argue that Obama is unprepared to be Commander in Chief... and yet qualified to be the vice president?

“They are trying to hoodwink you,” Obama told the crowd.

Follow this link to watch the longer video (plus a commercial) at ABC News.

Obama’s analysis is right on target. But I have to ask: Does he seem a little bit smug here? In a not-so-appealing way?


Nichelle said...

No! He doesn't seem smug at all!

I posted the same video today and I swear, Obama can't catch a break sometimes. One minute he's a "wimp" for not fighting back. The next minute he is "smug".

He was simply stating facts after a week of unprecedented BS spin from the Clinton camp (Clinton/Obama would be an "unstoppable force" - oh wait! He's not qualified!")

Lola Gets said...

I was running errands when I heard this clip on the Michael Baisden show (God I hate that man). But, yeah, Barack made a good point! Who in the hell would run for VP? Well, I might - all the attention & pay and none of the work? Sign me up!


SJ said...

There Will Be Bamboozling.

Reviewer X said...

He's been doing nothing, but responding.

He's reminding people that he's won more states, more votes, and more delegates, but he needs to articulate WHY he's done that.

The Clintons & cronies have always been shameless and being in 2nd place while suggesting it should be Clinton-Obama is nothing but the same act they've used for years.

What is the meaning of the word is?

Danielle said...

I think that he was clear and emphatic which is what he needs to be be. Good for him. Nothing smug @ all.

Submariner said...

It's over! Enough of the whining by Hillary and her minions.

I encounter people on a nearly daily basis in the grips of acute mental disorders. But the psychological deterioration that the public is witnessing in the Clintons is truly fascinating. I don't recall anything in public life for the past twenty-five years that approaches the folie à deux of Bill and Hillary. I wasn't alive when LBJ was POTUS and I was an oblivious infant during Nixon's reign, but I'm sure that this past year of Billary will undergo serious psychological assessment.

What is unfolding before the nation is that Hillary Clinton is becoming everything that she accused Obama of: a pathetic, weak-minded little figure unfit to lead; an untrustworthy individual who makes you wonder how in the hell did they reach their position and what do her supporters see in her to believe that she could actually be POTUS? I thought Bill would be severe enough to read the writing on the wall and hang it up but Mike Tyson has nothing on this man. As it stands he is rapidly becoming another Tiki Barber and losing all ties with his former team. Bill and Hillary Clinton are going to be treated like Jimmy and Roslyn Carter: peripheral figures and distant relatives that you see once in a while at a cookout, muster a forced smile and pat too aggressively on the back and quickly excuse yourself to go to the punch bowl. How can a so-called smart power couple be so utterly inept? She has to quit the race by the end of March to keep what little political they have left. She might be able to keep her Senate seat if she does so but if she tries to raise doubts about Obama's capacity to lead at the convention right before the fall campaign she will not have a future in public life. The convention is a coronation. The Clintons are stuck in the Sixties if they think differently.

odocoileus said...

The Ferraro comments are really sad. She makes me embarrassed for her.

Her girl started out with huge advantages - more name recognition than anybody on the planet, a huge campaign fund, and she still lost.

Why is this so hard to accept? Why does she try to claim victim status for a woman who has been incredibly privileged her entire life?

odocoileus said...

“You may not like the person next to you,” Ms. Williams told dozens of aides who ringed the conference room at the campaign’s Virginia headquarters last month, according to participants. “But you’re going to respect them. And we’re going to work together.”

Damn. Just, damn.

dez said...

Does he seem a little bit smug here? In a not-so-appealing way?

I know my opinion on this would be suspect, but even Bill Maher, an Obama supporter, called Obama out for being a little smug in the debates. He still supports him, of course, but he did criticize him nonetheless.

Colin said...

How does he make the argument for the duplicity of the HRC campaign without looking angry or mean? I think the only way to do it is with a certain jocularity, a certain rising-above-it tone.

And if pointing out that he's in the lead is smug, please. He's in the lead. By quite a bit. And the Clinton campaign is condescending to consider him for Vice President. I would have no patience for this crap. If pointing out truth is smugness, if patience plus self-confidence is smugness, we've got a real goddam problem.

Undercover Black Man said...

And if pointing out that he's in the lead is smug, please.

Let me be clear: I'm not talking about what he said... which was right on target, as I said in the original post.

I'm talking about something very subtle... his body language, the cadence and tone of his voice.

Ken said...

Undercover, you're being nitpicky. What should he do? Look worried? He looked Presidential, confident, and not so much smug as really slightly annoyed and insulted. I think what we saw was very subtle INDIGNATION. The way Hillary and others talk about Black politicians as if they're some kind of luck kids in an advanced public school program with better curriculum is astoundingly insulting. That's the kind of attitude which would have her seriously think this man who is whupping her ass in the polls would be her #2. As if he's supposed to know his place which is not in front of a white person. So, what he's doing is giving them a REALITY CHECK -- I'm not afraid of you, and I don't know my place as you would have it. The hubriss of Hillary and Bill is epic at this moment. But Obama's "smugness" what I call carefully contained exasperation and indignation are warranted and timely. While Hillary is making a clown of herself as an instigating bitch, Obama remains above the fray, looking better and better as she looks, and I use this word with the full understanding of its problematic sexist meaning, HYSTERICAL.