Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Hillary bloggers are baaack!

Hmm. I thought they drained that swamp.

But no... those grassroots blogs are back online, as of today. They disappeared last Monday, just before the Ohio and Texas primaries. (Tech problems, I suppose.)

So... is it still slimy over there? What are pro-Hillary bloggers saying about Barack Obama... on the website “Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President”?

Let’s hear from Mhu Cao:

“The Nation of Islam will do Obama’s bidding, out of sight of camera or earshot of us ‘infidels.’ ” (February 25)

“With the stroke of a pen, Obama can repeal income tax for a selected portion of the population, in order to pay slavery reparations. ... This prospect ought to give pause to all Americans.” (February 27)

“Obama’s site provides the endorsement by The New Black Panther Party ... Obama is a Trojan Horse for another pro-violence, anti-non-black, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian hate group.” (March 2)

Here’s a Hillary blogger known as MAN:

“Why are muslims so excited about Obama? Why did his Marxist parents name him [Hussein] in the first place? ... Does Barack Obama hold duel citizenship between the US and Kenya? And is that why Kenyans are celebrating Obama’s possible nomination by naming a beer after him? ... Is it true that arabic muslim money is fueling the Obama campaign?” (March 1)

IllHillGuy shared this Internet cartoon with his readers on March 2:

And here’s a pithy post from About Time:

“Obama the anti american votes against bill that would make it a crime to burn our US flag. LOSER!!!” (March 3)

Now arno, what say you? (Don’t sweat the punctuation or spelling, just write what you feel, dude):

“There gonna turn this country over to obama!. The news pushes him, college kids,that don,t know jack!. Chicken a-- white men!.the whole damn country going to hell!. ... whites are becoming the dumbest and weakest race on this planet. All because were soft!. African americans stand together,hispanics stand together. Whites I just want to be left alone!!. Well don,t worry you,ll get your wish!. In about another 20 years you,ll be LEFT OUT!. But you go ahead vote for obama. I can,t wait to see the mess ups.” (February 22)

Democracy in action. Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.


John B. said...

One thing that's mystified me is the characterization of Obama supporters as "cultists." Have the people who say this ever talked to some of Hillary's supporters? What a bunch of lemmings!

Kellybelle said...

Ugh. Wehn I canvassed for Barack in Ohio, we were told not to say anything negative about any of the other candidates. That Hillary allows this type of filth-n-flarn from her supporters is just not classy.

odocoileus said...

Give the about time dude credit for being honest. A lot of the Democratic opposition to Obama isn't about his policies, it's about maintaining the American caste system.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, thanking you in advance for my first post-Wire column.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of even giving these people exposure? I mean, it is no mystery there are racists in the world. Let alone blind Clinton supporters.

What I like about Obama is that he tries to transcend all that. (Whether or not he'll be able to continue to do so, remains to be seen.)

But having said that, let's help him try by ignoring these people. (Who frankly, I don't think fully represent the Clinton campaign.)
But nevertheless, why should we even acknowledge them.? They will do more harm to themselves and Clinton, than to Obama.

Please, let's not even engage these people. They don't deserve any type of recognition.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Anon, the internets are full of Obama-bashers. I ignore them... except for those whose fear-mongering, race-baiting and lies are welcomed on the official website of the Clinton campaign.

Undercover Black Man said...

DeAngelo: Keep it rolling at

Anonymous said...

"Obama been lying"

Now what's that? See the racism and stereotyping that her bloggers use to describe a brilliant, articulate black man?



Undercover Black Man said...

^ And it took me a while to figure out, Lynn, that it's also supposed to be a pun on "Osama Bin Laden."

Eric said...


White people love The Wire!

Mes Deux Cents said...


Thanks for the laugh; arno was hilarious! Billary really attracts the cream of the crop. :)

elle said...

As a Black person that knows many Negros that watch you, I gotta say,fuck you eric and that one-trick site that should have ended at #50.

elle said...

I ment watch The Wire

dez said...

Uh-oh, Lynn called Obama "articulate."

j/k :-)

That Hillary allows this type of filth-n-flarn from her supporters is just not classy.

Yeah, Obama's supporters just say their stuff "off the record"


Sorry, man, got post-Wire depression and gotta lighten things up when I can.


So hey! Its ILLHILLGUY who posted the infamous "LIAR" cartoon on

What your little post does NOT say is that our blogs were shut down because HATEFUL BOB people overrun OUR site. Now when we took to posting the joys of Hillary on YOUR blog we were deleted in seconds. Guess free speech doesnt include huh?
Makes you think.

Do a lil Resko homework sheep!

cuz said...

In all fairness, the community responses to news items on the Obama website got FLARRED UP after the Ohio, Texas, RI, VT primaries/caucuses. I guess that's how folks behave when things don't go their way. There were some adults among the bunch, and things have come to a slow boil. I haven't visited the Clinton website in a bit but I did find an interesting photo:¤t=ClintonRezko.jpg

And just in case, here's some interesting info.

Undercover Black Man said...

Now when we took to posting the joys of Hillary on YOUR blog we were deleted in seconds.

Damn, IllHillGuy... lying already? Is that the standard of ethics in Hillaryland? Lie as easily as you breathe?

The fu-hell are you babbling about? The only comments I've deleted lately were a couple of rank Jew-baiting comments in the Peggy Seltzer threads. Was that you??

I welcome you and your political confreres here. In fact, I wish you or somebody would explain the stark contrast in tone between the community bloggers on and

The Hillary supporters embrace the "politics of personal destruction" without embarrassment. I think Hillary sets the tone for that herself. Surely her campaign staff allows a slimy, sleazy free-for-all at

So explain yourself, Ill. Why the lies? Why the hatred? Why the slime?


Chill Chill Chill
first off I wasn't talking about here, I was talking about the obama blogs...

do your RESKo homework yet....
talk about SLIME

PS. no that wasnt me on some other post. the only reason I came here is MY name on YOUR blog.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Unwilling to engage. Figures.

Optixmom said...

It is really a shame that you overlooked the majority of the blogs on the HC website. Many of us that you overlooked took the time to research both candidates' backgrounds, voting records, debate claims, platforms, experience, etc. From our research we decided that the best candidate is Senator Clinton. When we debated our point with visitors claiming to be from the Obama camp, we were met with disdain, derogatory posts, and pointless spam. Bloggers like Queen Laqueefa, Bionicsoy, jimmychuck, RubyNoon, and TAH who were obscene and spammed the site like a well-oiled internet robot.

I did meet one blogger who was there to debate, politeobamasupporter, and that we did. It was civil, adult, and only about the facts. We came to a stalemate...but the debate was productive. I know more about why he likes Obama and he knows why I like Clinton. Come November, I feel that both of us would be prepared to back whomever the nominee is in order to turn this country around for the better.

Undercover Black Man said...

From our research we decided that the best candidate is Senator Clinton.

Thanks for commenting, optixmom. What you state is perfectly valid. Close to half of Democratic voters feel the same! ;^D

But I was startled -- and continue to be -- by bloggers at who feel free to call Sen. Obama a puppet of the Nation of Islam, or to question his citizenship status, or call him an "affirmative action" candidate.

I have seen nothing comparably scurrilous at I got to call it as I see it.

Cheers to you for your passionate support of your candidate.

Julianne B. said...

Dear john b.:

I'd like to address your question, if, as a Hillary supporter I may. But first: congrats on your candidate's Mississippi win. Well done.

I suspect that some Obama supporters are characterized as cultists because of Web sites such as the "Obama Messiah" blogspot. I have no idea how old you are, but I'm 52 and can recall the Jonestown Massacre, in which followers of Jim Jones were brainwashed into a mass "suicide by
Kool-Aid" (it was tainted, of course). Sites like the messiah one flex people's muscle memory about this and other such incidents and, IMHO, strike people as sycophantic and cultlike.

No doubt, countless Obama supporters have done their homework and are not following blindly, but I think, in fairness, there are those--vis-a-vis the messiah site--who do follow with eyes wide shut.

Does that make any sense to you?

BTW, I loathe all those "Barack the Muslim" type posts as much as I loathe the ones that wrongfully portray Hillary in ways that are also untrue. Please don't lump all us Hill supporters into one group.

If it's okay, I'll come back another time to try to explain--as I see it--why some of the postions and approaches of the Obama campaign frustrate "the other side."

Thank you for allowing me to post this response.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks, Julianne B. You're welcome here any time.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Julianne... dear Julianne... I just checked out that blog you mentioned... Is Barack Obama the Messiah?

It's clear to me, after a few minutes of perusal, that this site is a satire. It is mocking the veneration of Obama by some of his fans and some media.

It is not a genuine "cult of Obama." No such thing exists.

Julianne B. said...

Thank you, Undercover Black Man, for your warm welcome. As for the messiah site, at first I myself had thought it was a parody, but I couldn't find the funny, so to speak, or any identifier that would have given it away as such.
However, I will return to the site and read EVERYTHING this time. Even if the site turns out to be a legit homage, I (being a fairly reasonable old broad) realize that it is not representative of all supporters. Thanks again, and happy hump day!

Julianne B/ said...

Dear Undercover Black Man: You are right about the site! I had to click on the comments section to realize it, though. It is poking fun at the sycophantic branch of Obama supporters. My silly-bad. (Fool me once...) Hope I'm still welcomed here....

dez said...

It is not a genuine "cult of Obama." No such thing exists.

There does seem to be a cult of personality cropping up around him, though. Makes me want to break out my Living Colour CD :-)

Anonymous said...

Sooo sad that the worst posts you show are from the very trolls we were trying to get off the Hillary site.

The thinking Hillary bloggers rejected the notion of Obama as unpatriotic. Numerous times we were scolding these obvious RNC bloggers about Obama's middle name. I cannot count how many times I had to tell these gutter bloggers that Hussein is a common name much like Smith, Garcia, Patel and Chang.

As surprised as many of us Hillary supporters were that the blog went down... we were relieved to no longer have to police the site from these full time trolls that were making the site look bad... which of course was their goal so that Obama supporters would be upset... DIVIDE AND CONQUER, if you will.

We have now found other sites where we can blog in peace... Someone is going to win the nomination and the losers supporters are going to feel cheated no matter what... we are all proud of our candidates... both have pros and cons... someone is going up against McCain... Can we all be brought back together?