Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Obama Girl!

Last summer, a viral music video called “I Got a Crush on Obama” got tons of exposure in the mainstream media. But the video and the song sucked so hard, I wouldn’t even blog about it. I refused. (I have a strict no-suck policy.)

And because of me igging it, “I Got a Crush on Obama” was only viewed 5.6 million times on YouTube.

Well, the folks at have posted their latest “Obama Girl” webvid. It’s called “Super Obama Girl!”

And guess what? It rocks. I dare say... it PWNS! It’s funny and cute; it’s clever and sexy. And “Obama Girl” (Amber Lee Ettinger) is hot. Hawt, even.

I would go so far as to say... she’s the ma-HOT-ma!


before the mayflower said...

Super Obama Girl rocks! Oh, I mean, the video rocks!

She not just another pretty face, she has a brain, too.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Indeed. I want to hear about her stimulus package.

Lisa G said...

A white girl with a crush on a black man ... I think this is exactly the kind of thing Republicans are going to use to demonize Obama if he wins the primary. They're going to try to scare the shit out of white people who would die if their daughters brought home a black man. They're going to exploit every single threatening stereotype available. I hope that Obama could survive all that and rise above, but I don't think change is big on the redneck agenda. I think they'd rather move backward.

I am torn between Obama and Clinton, and this video annoyed me. Fine, I'm a humorless feminist for saying this, but at least a woman President would be a step toward building a model of female authority that doesn't involve go-go boots, a huge rack, and a bared midriff. And locker room jokes about stimulus packages.(Sorry UBM. I'm just saying.)

Undercover Black Man said...

^ No sorries needed, Lisa G. I'm a goof.

And I wondered whether this video might rub some people wrong. For the reasons you describe.

Michael Fisher said...

Dream Ticket


Lisa G said...

Well, it was a pretty funny line, really, and I'm glad you posted the video. What I like about this primary is that people are having these discussions, about racism and sexism and prejudice. They're complex and difficult conversations, and this country needs to have them.

And I will say this: at least Super Obama Girl is using her rack (a rather exceptional one -- how does she get airborne, I wonder?) for good. She easily could have been another nameless Girl Gone Wild. If she ever starts lactating she can probably feed the whole nation. That would be a good back up plan in case the stimulus package fails. Some packages just aren't big enough to get the job done, you know? Always so disappointing when that happens.


Bklyn6 said...

A white girl with a crush on a black man ...

Ain't she black!? Or, at least half?

Anyway, I like the video; it's kitschy.

Using your assets to piggyback off Obama's candidacy for fifteen minutes of fame is the American way.

Dragon Horse said...


Amber Lynn is not part black. Judging by her name is likely Jewish or maybe half Italian with a nice artificial tan.

She is fine.

Lisa g:

You want to vote for a fellow feminist vote for one. That ain't Hillary.

Hillary is in NO WAY a feminist.

like I said before...Hillary says she is a feminist, but she has never shown the ability to achieve greatness on her own merit. Hillary comes from a long tradition of women who gained power by who they were married to and or born to. These women include Benazir Bhutto, Megawati Sukarno, Indira Gandhi, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and all the way back to Cleopatria and before. These women road the coattails of men. They came from political dynasty. In this way, to me, Hillary Clinton is not even 1/4 the woman that Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker) is. She came up hard in the House, stood on her own feet as a woman. Hillary has never done that, even now her husband serves as her “champion” in attacks, on her behalf as if we were in the Romance Period of Europe.

Dynasty, Nepotism, and Aristocracy are not the American promise. They may be a reality but given a choice we should try to uphold the promise. The American promise is meritocracy, something embodied in Barack Obama; not Billary.

There are women govs, a woman Speaker of the House, women mayors (far more than black ones I might add); but if you think a woman president is going to change almost 2 million years of male evolution and make us not want to see women in go-go boots with big breasts you are kidding yourself. As long as women know men are heavily persuaded by the visual there will be women who are willing to exploit their womanhood for a quick buck, no amount of woman leader is going to change that.

Back to Billary, on the last debate I heard her say something to the effect that her being the first woman president is change.

I have heard her say this 3X. Imagine if Obama said that about him being the first black president in 3 debates, watch his white polling numbers drop. Hillary is so feminist she plays the gender card instead of asking people to vote for her on her own merit and not hold her being a woman against her, she is saying vote for her just because she has no penis. Nice.

Dragon Horse said...

Oh yeah and don't forget about Clinton's other women. What kind of woman stays with a man who constantly disrespects her over and over and over again? A feminist? Nahhh...a power hungry $#**#

It is what it is. 8 years of Clinton scandals Got us 8 years of Bush. Remember Clinton could not campaign for Gore coming off his impeachment...and people just lined up ready for some more.

Undercover Black Man said...

Dragon Horse! Bringing that hard shit... just like we like it! If I may reply to some of your provocative ripostes:

If you've seen Hillary in the debates, you can't deny she has a substantial intellect and real political chops. I don't care who she married... no man could bestow those qualities upon her. Give her a little credit for rising to the job of U.S. Senator.

As for the feminism thing... have you checked out her circle of advisors? Her "kitchen cabinet," so to speak? More than has been discussed, Hillary seems grounded in a feminist or post-feminist female power base. Not to mention that she was mentored by Marian Wright Edelman.

Yes, she is shameless with her appeal to women as women to "make history" and use her as a battering ram to break through the "glass ceiling." No one else in this race could pimp identity politics in that fashion. I don't like it, but it seems to be working for her so far.

As for her marriage... I've been playing a little thought game recently. What if Hillary had divorced Bill after she got to the Senate? Would that make her a stronger or weaker presidential candidate? I'm no expert, but I'd like to think it could've made her stronger.

Lisa G said...

A "power hungry #$%#?", Dragon Horse? Women "exploiting their womanhood"?


Let me say: There will always be Super Obama Girls. Good for them. Get it how you live it.

But let's expand the model a little bit, and then maybe some women can make the choice not to "exploit their womanhood for a quick buck." It's not a woman's fault that a man is "heavily persuaded by the visual." Females who go that route are trying to play the game how it goes, and "exploit" is a very telling verb, there. I would say a woman living in poverty who sleeps with the guy who runs the corner store for diapers is not exactly on the winning end of that situation. So, you're not really trying to put the "exploiting" thing all on females, are you? Because the opposite end of that spectrum leads to burka land, and the "she was asking for it" argument.

Hillary has been through the wringer personally and professionally (and I think there's very little separation between the two for her) and she's hung in there. I see that as toughness, not coattail riding, or her being a doormat. It is laughable to say Hillary was disrespecting herself. (Look at it like this, she was showing good management skills by outsourcing blow jobs. Everybody wins!) The dynamics of that partnership are too complex to be boiled down to her disrespecting herself.

Hillary is power hungry, yeah. So what. That's how leaders are. Is it only okay for men to be ambitious? You think Obama's not ambitious? You think he's running for President out of the goodness of his heart? Hell no. But I don't hear anyone out there calling him a power hungry $%*#. Is it just me, or did he or did he not have to do a lot of slick maneuvering to get him this far at this point in his career?

And please don't say she doesn't care about the country or about people. That "robotic" rap she gets is from having to walk this line of not being seen as too feminine or too butch. She's done too much good work for people for that to be dismissed out of hand.

I don't care about the feminist label. I will call myself one, but politicizing women's rights and equality and all that gets on my nerves. It's too easy to start man-bashing, and that doesnt' get anyone anywhere.

I love hearing Obama talk. He's way more fun than Hillary, way more inspiring on an individual level, way less prone to hedging, even, perhaps, lying (though don't ALL politicians lie?). But like I said I worry going up against McCain and talking about hope and being destroyed. That redneck in Alabama or Virginia or wherever is not going to see the hope talk in the same way Dems do. I think that's the fairy tale Bill Clinton so gracelessly referred to.

As for the dynasty thing, I'll cross that bridge if and when Chelsea ever decides to run.

John B. said...

UBM, Obama Girl is hot, but this video is pure corn!

Dragon Horse said...

So lisa:

If you husband banged a new woman, almost in your face and people you worked with knew about it, not once, but at least three times you would be cool with that and just think..."well he is complicated and our relationship is complicate" I don't buy it.

Either she is a doormat or she doesn't give a damn about Bill but for what he can do for her politically.

Obama is ambitious, maybe power hungry but he came up on his own merit. Hillary did not.

I did not say she was not intelligent, in fact she is highly intelligent. That is not the point at all. Since when did intelligence excuse nepotism? Totally different things.

The point of exploitation is not to say that it is "too blame women" you are being defensive. Men exploit things all the time, like their physical strength, height, etc.

My point is to say some things are rooted in biology and will not change due to a woman leader. To think that is naive at best.

As far as what Republicans will do to Obama, please what will they do to Clinton.

They will start with White Water and work there way all the way to Bill's latest Kazakhstan scandal. They have 2 decades of dirt on the Clintons to show 24/7 7 days a week for several months on through various means and organizations. There is no one more hated by conservatives than the Clintons. I've lived in two read states and they are like the anti-Christ, no one will rally the conservative base behind a candidate more than Hillary.

You sound as if woman are so disadvanted. The truth is they are, but if you compare them to just being black (man or woman) it is a question of degree and someone has used the power drill to screw in the disadvantaged into being black.

Women are not unknown as governors, Senators, and definitely not congress members. There are also women CEOs.

No it is not 50-50 with men, but compare that to any black person (man or woman) and you will find it is hard as well for a black person to win any state election for any office ,that is why there have been so few since reconstruction.

Also as far as the 50-50, even if sans discrimination I don't believe for one minute men and women would be 50-50 in all fields (that don't require raw physical strength) because, while I do believe men and women have equal intelligence, I don't believe men and women have equal strengths, interest, etc and I believe a lot of that is biological (there are many many studies on this if you want to see it that cross international is not culture it is biological).

In any case I do know that Barack Obama is named Barack Hussein Obama. He has a Muslim Swahili name.

Now how hard to you think it is for a black male with a name like his to come up as hard and fast as he did?

Who has had the more difficult time getting to where they were with less privileged? Hillary or Barack, lets keep it real here.

You think Bill has not be pulling strings for Hillary and calling in favors? Who pulled strings for Barack on a regular basis? Whose record can Barack run off of?

As I said there are women in the Congress, Senate, and as Gov who have came up hard and who I respect. Nancy Pelosi is older than Hillary and came up under a lot of old white men...for decades and she is now Speaker of the House?

Are you telling me Hillary had as hard a life as Pelosi or is as strong a woman? Please. She might be as strong but she never had to prove it. Pelosi has put in work from the ground, I don't know who her husband is and no one cares.

Dragon Horse said...

A quick test of who is more disadvantaged would be to see that that whites make up 66% of the pop. in America, with white women being about 34%. Blacks are about 12-13%. Black males are about 6% of the population.

When you norm for population differences by doing per 10,000 people, who has historically (and even today) have access to education? Who is more dominant in political office on a national and state level?

Another thing in favor of Obama...

Hillary is divisive, she is even divisive in her own party...that is obvious as significant party players have turned on her.

Obama has shown in the primaries that unlike Hillary who can just turn out the party base, young first time voters, and independents always break toward Obama.

So if Obama is the nominee, he can get all Hillary's voters and new ones. He can pull voters away from someone like McCain and especially Romney.

Hillary can not do that. Most Americans hate Hillary and the vast majority of men (democrat or otherwise) won't be voting for her.

Undercover Black Man said...

UBM, Obama Girl is hot, but this video is pure corn!

But John... how about when she clocks McCain's mama?? I didn't see that coming.

Michael Fisher said...

Dragon Horse...

"Amber Lynn is not part black. Judging by her name is likely Jewish or maybe half Italian with a nice artificial tan."

David Mills is not part black. Judging by his name is likely British or maybe half Italian with a nice artificial tan.

I just love them "race experts".

Bklyn6 said...

But John... how about when she clocks McCain's mama?? I didn't see that coming.

Oh, snap! I thought that was his wife!