Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The final debate

If you feel like chatting about tonight’s Clinton-Obama debate in Ohio, I’ll be live-blogging it... along with the MSNBC post-game analysis, which is always feisty.

(I have a man crush on Chuck Todd. Just wanted to lay all my cards on the table here.)

I wonder whether Hillary, desperate to stop Obama’s momentum, will try something harsh. Judging by the past couple of days, the Clinton campaign is throwing all kinds of crap against the wall, hoping something will stick.

Bring on the drama!

UPDATE (02/26/08): Chris Matthews just began “Hardball” by saying of tonight's showdown, “There will be blood.” He wishes!


onefinemess said...

Man, they always run these things during my drive time. By the time I get around to looking for a web stream of it the highlights are all over the news, so there's no point actually watching the whole thing. Which is probably for the best.

Too bad they don't have a Sirius channel.

Invisible Woman said...

Man crush...haha!

GenevaGirl said...

At least Keith Olbermann I could understand.