Monday, December 3, 2007

A shot of DJ John, with a Samo chaser

Mashups and mixtapes, mixtapes and mashups... DJs be cuttin’ up all over the place, and sharing their work on the Web.

Music blogger Bill_45 this morning pointed to a hot mashup by a Bay Area guy named John Liechty, a.k.a. DJ John.

What DJ John did was, he spliced some DNA from Rob Base’s “It Takes Two” into Prince’s “Kiss” and – wah-laa! – he created “It Takes Two 2 Kiss.”

DJ John mixed this track almost three years ago... and it still smells like fresh-baked bread. John has received widespread acclaim for this one.

To hear “It Takes Two 2 Kiss” on my Vox blog, click here. To download it for yourself, follow this link to DJ John’s mashups page. (He has other ones available for download as well.)

Across the pond, there’s a DJ named Samo, and he’s offering a couple of digital mixtapes on his MySpace page.

I point you to “Tape 2,” a 30-minute mix of “rare 70s jazz, turkish psych, German rock, some funky jazz and jazzy funk, psychadelic funk, reggae, and some other stuff.”

To hear a 5½-minute slice of Samo’s mixtape on my Vox blog, click here. It features “Survival Song” by Bubbha Thomas & the Lightmen, “Cavern” by Liquid Liquid (you’ll recognize the bass line), and “The Stop and Go” by Bohannon.

Damn, I wish I could mix...


Bill_45 said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I found him last year when I downloaded the christmas mashup album Santastic. "Jingle Jane" quickly became one of my favorite christmas songs.

Undercover Black Man said...

Cheers, Bill.