Thursday, December 27, 2007

Racial humiliation as sexual fetish?

In my self-study of the “N-word” in its various habitats, I came across something truly wild.

Apparently there are masochists out there who get turned on by the idea of being racially mocked by a domineering white woman.

(WARNING: If you would rather not see the “N-word” spelled out... and if you object to porno links... please skip this post.)

The Internet, of course, is a fetishist’s wonderland. No matter how obscure or strange the kink – balloon fetish, smoking fetish, “sploshing” – there are others who share it. Or at least will indulge it.

Which brings us to “Mistress V,” professional dominatrix. Among the fantasy services she provides are “ball busting,” “small penis humiliation”... and, yep, “verbal racial humiliation.”

“Many males have a fetish for humiliation,” she writes. “Do you want the extra nastiness of your race tossed in there? If you are a dumb nigger, a tight squeaky kike, a greasy spic, a nasty mutt all inbred, or a slanty eyed gook, I am your pathway to crying like a girl. haha”

Business, never personal. Demand drives supply. I ain’t mad at her.

Just look at some of the comments left by submissive men on Mistress V’s site:

“i am a lowly male of east indian descent and i know for a fact that all white women are Superior to me. ... How i think about it is what use a White Goddess will have for anyone like me but to make Her life easier and then get lost. No need being able to breathe the same air as a White Queen”

“I can’t wait to speak w/You about this…I think (and hope) that I am exactly the kind of jew You would love to humiliate...”

“i am a nigger slave who has served my superior White Mistress for some time now. Unfortuantely, she moved to San Francisco and i live in DC. i would love to serve another Superior White Mistress”

“Goddess V i am a 53 year old black boy and i have known i was – am a true slave since the 6th grade. Whip me beat me humiliate me i want to cry 4 YOU. How can we work it?”

Mistress V answers back with comments like this:

“All my little nigger bitches drooling and slaving for Me. Pay attention porch monkeys, My birthday is almost here, i better have some hard earned cash at my damn box from you or you will get the worst punishment of all……….. MY SILENCE.. MWHAHAHAHAHAH”

Can this be? Are there black men who’ll pay a white woman to call them “nigger”... because it gets ’em off?

Hey, nothing is beyond possible when it comes to the sexual mind.

A few commenters at Mistress V’s site, however, are just pretending to be black, I’m convinced. My race-dar is pretty good when it comes to people throwing the N-word around on the internets.

Here’s what the real deal sounds like:

“I am Achinta, an Indian (Hindu) never-married male from India aged 44.. I worship you most as you are the SUPREME WHITE GODDESS. I understand that yourself being the supreme white Goddess, it is your birth-right to racially humiliate the non-white slaves and treat them as inferior slaves whose place is under your lovely white feet. I LIKE TO MEET YOU PERSONALLY for being dominated by you fully in whatever manner you like. I am your total slave and you are my owner. I love to worship your milky white body. ...”

Humans. Ain’t we comical?


Dragon Horse said...

Reminds me of Spring Thomas on the internet. She only has sex with black men and calls them the N word regularlly she says stuff like "Give that big n----r cock...oh daddy wouldn't want me f---ing n----rs" blah blah blah.

I'm guessing this is fetish porn for impotent white men who get off on well endowed black men gang banging trashy trailer park looking blonds. It probably gets them off and pisses them off at the same time. LOL

Don't ask me how I know any of this.

Hillary Clinton said...

Hats off to dragon horse for not posting annonymously.

tAnYeTTa said...

"small penis humiliation”


Never a dull moment at UBM! :)

Anonymous said...

"Sexual desire, I'm convinced, is merely the interplay of social inequities - or should I say dreams about the libidinal possibilities of the Other."

"Earlier I clamed that arousal is just an unconscious sense of discrepancy, a feeling of imbalance. Then desire, or love, must be the servant of that same impression of injustice - a perverse urge to settle the balance."

Bruce Benderson, the Romanian

odocoileus said...

*Don't ask me how I know any of this*



You've probably heard about those brothers who specialize in boning married white women in front of their husbands. Forbidden fruit, the masochistic thrill of cuckoldry, voyeurism, all in one kinky little package. Sex parties in suburban homes, photos and videos for the net, you name it.

It'd make a good plotline for a Law and Order ep. One of the hired studs turns up dead. Who killed him and why. High profile businessmen and politicians playing Massa and Mandingo in high rent suburbs.

You may have also heard that David Duke has a fetish for black-on-blond porn. I really don't want to know which party he identifies with, but I have a pretty good guess.

Antonio said...

I know gay white man who says he's had black men ask him to call them "n----r" while they're getting it on. I guess it's not that different than women who like to be called "whores" during sex, just with a racial dynamic rather than a gender one.

Dragon Horse said...

If black men want to be humiliated by whites why do they need to pay money? There are plenty of white racist who will do that free of charge. LOL

Undercover Black Man said...

Antonio, great point. Makes it easier for me to understand.

Odocoileus: You may have also heard that David Duke has a fetish for black-on-blond porn.

Never knew this! (But he is not alone.)

Anonymous said...

Race and sex. Ain't it a kick in the pants?

Actually, it makes more sense to me than some of the other things people get into. I enjoy some dominant/submissive talk (although I don't see myself ever incorporating race).

I'm just grateful that I don't need to jump through so many hoops to get my "rocks off".

jjbrock said...

Hello Undercover Black Man! I never knew this was going on until one night I was watching Nip-Tuck when they showed them at a mandigo party. It looked so unreal white men standing around watching their wives have sex with some big black men. You talking about shock.

Undercover Black Man said...

jj: It's easier for me to understand white guys eroticizing black sexual power... than black guys eroticizing white supremacy. But I guess it's all part of the same bag.

Mes Deux Cents said...


I seem to remember something about Dennis Rodman saying that one of his exes used to direct the N word at him during sex.

Madonna? Carmen Electra?

Anyway, this doesn't surprise me. Humans are full of self-hatred and always looking for ways to express it.

SJ said...

I find the balloon fetish more surprising and disturbing to be honest.

neptune said...

There's an interesting take on racism and sexuality in the 2001 Todd Solondz film, "Storytelling", in a scene between actors Selma Blair and Robert Wisdom. (Note, the scene is slightly different in the unrated version of the film.) I heard about this movie from Howard Stern's show, where he used to harp on a certain line from the scene. When I saw the film I wondered what point Solondz was trying to make with the particular casting and staging of that scene. Now it kinda makes sense, knowing there are people who have a made a fetish out of that sort of thing.

Lola Gets said...

I used to date a BDSM Master (or Dom or whatever youd like to call him). He loves to beat people (not me!). He once told me that he loved to "beat the shit out of white women becuase it feels really, really good." Now, I dont know if he also verbally degraded them due to their race, cause Ive never seen him in action. But yes, Black men have no problem being subs or Dom when it comes to racial degredation, lol.


Anonymous said...

i could have guessed that this kind of thing was going on,
at 13 i watched my friend go out with a white girl who called him those things and called him gorilla and nameda poster of an orangutan after him and he was just soooo happy to be getting a white girl.
he wouldn't take it from black girls though.
sick and twisted

Racist Foot Fetish said...

Click on my name to get an idea on what's on offer these days...

Anonymous said...

Fear of being humiliated is a psychological force that the mind uses in order to prevent urges from coming out (and to make you act inside the norms of your morals, values, needs, society standards, or to prevent previous or future difficult situations, traumatic experiences that your urges may lead you to, etc).

You fear of being humiliated and called whore, in order to supress your sexual urges to fuck around with hot guys. You want to get fucked, but society and your values are opposing, by instillating you a fear of humiliation.
You fear of being humiliated and called wanker, in order to supress your desire to wank (it is also quite common that you think you wank too much, while you do not wank too much ofcourse, plus there is nothing bad with wanking alot, but your own mind wants to somehow suppress your urges and it makes you think you wank too much!).

Why the mind wants to supress to urges?
Let's see the whole procedure: Wanting to wank is experienced as an intense desire and this intense desire makes the mind fear of it as something that it cannot control. That's why your mind is creating mechanisms to suppress/control your urges. Ofcourse this point of view has passed to the whole society and parents, school, etc often discourage you from masturbation (that's why wanker is an insult, because previous societies had hostile views towards masturbation, because it was experienced as a strong uncontrollable desire).

So black men you crave white sluts, must experience inner obstacles towards their desires for a white slut (often subconscious). These obstacles maybe racial (feeling shame you want white sluts and not hot sistas with big booties, etc) or prior traumatic experiences with white sluts (thus your mind needs to protect you) or because you feel inferior towards white sluts (racist views imposed by society) or because craving white sluts destroys your narcissistic views towards white sluts that you shouldn't crave them in order to be independed of them, or because craving a white slut may bring you close to white male friends that may humiliate you, etc so many reasons can be! but only one goal! to supress your urges! And how can your mind prevent you from craving white sluts? It will connect your desire for white sluts with a great fear, being humiliated. For some, being humiliated for their small penis may work, for others being humiliated for their color may work better, and so on. Thus, you fear of being humiliated and called nigger, in order to supress your lust to fuck a white slut. You want to fuck the while slut, but society and your values or your own mind are opposing, by instillating you a fear of humiliation.

Small penis humiliation may do nothing for someone (even if he is just average or even small) while racist humiliation may also do nothing for another. So this simply shows that humiliation is subjective and a creation of the mind and its influences, experiences, the way it developed through childhood, social environment, etc.

So, in reality, the fear of humiliation is created by the own mind to defend against the urges, and ofcourse the parents, society, culture, etc may teach one's mind to fear specific humiliations.

Anonymous said...

How do urges react:
1) Ofcourse the urges create in the mind their own defenses in order to defend themselves too: for example your other part of the mind, where the urges come from, may tell you that accepting being called nigger by a white slut, will prove that you love her too much, etc in order to intensify the urges (which ofcourse is false, because why simply not bring her flowers in order to prove that you love her so much? why your mind tells you to suffer what you fear in order to please her? because the sacrifice is bigger? sounds logical heh? NO! because your own mind wants to beat its obstacles! if you would ask her, she wouldn't even want to call you nigger, if she is normal and not a sick psycho bitch ofcourse). The purpose is not to prove your love, but to beat your inner obstacles that supress your urges! That's why a hot white chick may not excite you that much as a white psycho bitch that insults you! It's all about you and the battle inside your mind!

2) Another defensive mechanism is that your mind says you that if you endure the humiliation you fear you will get her attention, sounds logical heh? NO! why don't you go to the gym to impress her with your muscles? Because again it is about defeating your inner obstacles! You would surely get NEGATIVE attention if you come to her and tell her that you want to be her loser nigger slave! ha! And you know it, but again, it is just about what is happening in your own mind!

So your own mind (the part that urges come from) wants for you a sick pervert white slut... This is not masochistic, the mind will simply use her to overcome its inner obstacles! Why don't you crave a white submissive girl that loves black cock? (there are so many, heh) You will answer that she doesn't excite you that much as the psycho sick bitch! Because with the first girl, the conflict will be still there! So it is not that sick white sluts are hotter, it is because they serve you in order to overcome your own conflicts!

3) Enduring insults from a white sick slut creates in your mind the illusion that, fuck, you want her so much to put yourself into that shit! And this illusionaly seems to intensify the urges, the desire. Does this really adds some extra pleasure? Is it an innocent kink to spice things up? Well, that is totally FALSE, it serves basically an attemp to restore the intensity of the urges that were supressed by the fear of humiliation, so it is not a kink for extra pleasure, it is an illusion to restore a portion of the severed urges, thus it is a symptom of a problem, not a conscious method to increase desire etc. There is a need to intensify the urges by enduring nigger insults, more than what urges you have when you see the white slut and you get horny, not because you are so horny boy and you want more, but because you simply want to restore your urges. The insulting does not fully restore your urges, simply because enduring the humiliation is not pleasurable and it prevents total satisfaction (don't judge how you feel at that moment, because you don't know how you would feel if you had no inner conflicts! yeah baby! So your 100% of urges you have with a white hot girl are severed to 30% by your mind obstacles and enduring insults and thinking that you want her so much to do so will simply makes your urges rise to 50%. Ofcourse you don't want her so much, because if you watch her on the street, you wouldn't notice her at all! and you fucking know it! So it is all about your brain, you put your mind to believe an illusion in order to overcome your inner conflicts.

Being called nigger would be the same as being called asshole by a stranger (ok maybe little more), you would either ignore him or insult him or beat him. The same if you are called nigger on the street by the same sick white slut! You would beat her fuckin brains out! So this shows that it is a totally mental procedure.

Anonymous said...

How humiliation can be erotic?
The psychodynamics of this is that the person needs to alleviate his fear of humiliation. When he is actually humiliated, the fear of being humiliated disappears! Ok, now he is humiliated and he doesn't fear of being humiliated! So he is free to express his urges! When he wants to be humiliated in order to believe that his humiliating characteristic is true, the urges can be expressed without any supression! Ofcourse he does so, only in a controlled environment with a sick white slut, because the same person will react differently if humiliated by a stranger in real life and he will not become aroused.

So the reason why so many women enjoy been called whores, sluts, cumbackets, they want to get spanked, spat on their face, hair pulling etc in the bed, it is because only then, they make the fear of being humiliated disappear and express fully their sexuality, without any obstacles and they fuck like whores! yeah baby!

What is the solution to the problem of erotic humiliation?

So it is a pair of opposing forces, fear of humiliation (created by the own mind or instillated by society) and urges, an inner conflict that creates stress and needs relief. The relief comes when you solve the conflict.

Ofcourse resolving the inner conflict must be done through psychotherapy (self or pro): the mind must understand that urges are not a threat and gain sense of control, that the fear of humiliation is not valid and can be ignored (you understand this when you know who you are and not accepting other's opinions about who you are), treat past traumatic experiences, etc it is really up to the individual.

If you want not to do so, practise humiliation games with your boyfriend/girlfriend, nobody cares, and it may actually make you come closer and increase trust between you and your partner.

But! the "service" of professional pervert whores called doms, etc is NOT either therapeutical nor alleviating, they just perpetuate the problem by giving a momentary relief from the tension of the conflict, with a price to pay ofcourse, not only financially but psychological ofcourse, since in the long term the conflict is exaggerating. It is sad to see the whole fuckin web full of broke drug addict pervert failure wanna be ugly model sluts and so on, taking advantage of your inner conflicts either mentally or financially and especially for men who are of a weaker character. Bang a whore with few bucks, don't feed the lowlife sluts.

Anonymous said...

brother i do understand cant go in to much detil but it is like white castel hamberger it is what u grave that white mistress and for her to have her way