Monday, October 1, 2007

I like blog carnivals.

Yep, I’ve been getting into the blog carnival thing lately. That’s where various people will host a cavalcade of posts on a particular topic on a regular basis... sort of like an instant magazine.

It’s a cool way to put your writings out there, and also a good way to find other interesting bloggers.

A pair of my recent posts showed up in blog carnivals today. So let me give back the love:

Thanks to Simone at the Osprey Blog for accepting “Run, N-gger, Run” for this month’s History Carnival.

And cheers to D.A.N. at the Soul of Rock and Roll for accepting “When Phil Spector was king” for this month’s Carnival of Rock and Roll.

To those of my readers who also blog, I rececommend you investigate and see how you like the carnival concept. There is pretty much a carnival going for any conceivable subject area. Check out the long list at

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RC said...

Thanks UBM for another great URL.