Friday, September 7, 2007

When Phil Spector was king

Any day now, the jury will begin its deliberations in the Phil Spector murder trial. I don’t have a sense of how much national attention this case is getting. (Does anybody outside of L.A. know the name Lana Clarkson?) Even here in SoCal, the Spector trial is big... but not huge.

It’s worth remembering that Phil Spector used to be the king of pop music, an astounding American success story, a millionaire at age 21.

Deeper still, he influenced a generation of songwriters and musicians in his orbit, such as Sonny Bono, Glen Campbell, Leon Russell and Harry Nilsson.

I dug up an interesting 1975 radio interview with Ronnie Spector, Phil’s ex-wife, where she talks about that. She also mentions his possessiveness regarding her.

Ronnie has been even more frank lately about the nightmare of life with Phil. As in this New York Post piece from last March. It’s kinda weird. The Ronettes got voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year... and all Ronnie Spector can talk about is how Phil fucked her life up.

In light of the way things turned out for Lana Clarkson, Ronnie should count herself lucky and move on.

Click here for a 2½-minute bite of disc jockey Jim Pewter’s interview with Ronnie Spector. The entire 45-minute interview is downloadable from eMusic.

Come to find out, Ronnie Spector put out a CD of new music last year – “The Last of the Rock Stars.” It was distributed overseas, not in the U.S., but it’s downloadable from iTunes and eMusic.

I’m streaming one track – “Never Gonna Be Your Baby” – on my Vox site. It’s not good. Ronnie’s in her sixties and still trying to sing about teenage love. Kinda weird.


Invisible Woman said...

Wow...that song is reeeaaaly bad. And she sounds every inch the 60 year old smoker.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Hee-hee... yeah, she ain't ashamed to show that cigarette, is she? I think she's stuck in 1966.

Edshugeo The GodMoor said...

Phil Spector doesn't have any of the sympathy that got O.J. (mistrust of police) or Baretta (wife was a "C-word") got. This is not gonna end well for him.

Edshugeo The GodMoor said...

Oops. Meant got OJ and Baretta off.

Dan Coyle said...

His defense isn't helping; they're alleging it was a spur of the moment suicide, aren't they? Kind of hard to swallow.

cuzin said...

As they say, the hair never lies.

BLACKinUSA said...

I have already called the Fashion Police on Phil. That Euro-Fro got to go!
As for his trial...due process can be a mutha.

Big Fella said...

Phil is going to walk... in drag.

Click on the story titled "The Guilty Client: A New Defense Strategy":