Thursday, September 6, 2007

A free Colette download

I continue with one FREE MP3 download per day until the end of summer. Why? Because I’m a funk nerd, that’s why.

This one is “Funny” by Colette (a.k.a. DJ Colette), a Chicago house-music spinner who can sing. “Funny” has a mid-’80s synth sound that brings back memories for me, plus there’s the obligatory guest rapper (Black Spade from St. Louis).

You can download the track via podcaster Anji Bee, who featured this track on her August 19 “Chillcast.” Just follow this link and look for No. 2 on the playlist.

You can sample the song on my Vox site by clicking here.

1 comment:

estiv said...

"Funk nerd"? I believe you but, see, this is how time as it meanders twists things all around. Once, "funk nerd" would have been an oxymoron. But here in the twenty-first century...