Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Concert: Nona Hendryx

Who’s badder than Nona Hendryx? Not many people.

Embedded below is a clip of Ms. Hendryx as part of a May 2005 Amsterdam concert billed as Daughters of Soul.

Organized by Sandra St. Victor of the Family Stand, this gig also featured Lalah Hathaway (daughter of Donny Hathaway), Indira Khan (daughter of Chaka) and Simone (daughter of Nina Simone). Plus an appearance by Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy of Mother’s Finest.

(To watch the complete concert, follow this link to

Daughters of Soul have done shows in Europe and Asia, but not in the United States. Which is a damn shame. You’re telling me they couldn’t fill a 3,000-seater in L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, D.C.?


Craig Herndon said...

Hello UBM:

I've been skulking around for a week or so. Checking you out and following your leads. Gail Ann Dorsey ( new to me) and Nona Hendryx ( a blast from the past) both playing in the back ground. Thanks to you Cuz!


Undercover Black Man said...

Glad you found me out here, Craig.

I'll get up with you this weekend...

Bob said...

Absolutely. I want to see this frikkin show