Friday, September 14, 2007

A free Toshi Reagon download

Today’s gift from the free-music gods: an MP3 by Toshi Reagon, from her 2005 CD “Have You Heard.”

The track is “22 Hours.” It shows off Reagon’s smooth-flowing syncretism of folk music, rock and soul. Follow this link for the FREE download.

You can listen to “22 Hours” on my Vox blog by clicking here.

UPDATE (09/15/07): Toshi Reagon was born into a world of music. Many people have heard the voice of her mother, Bernice Johnson Reagon, who founded the group Sweet Honey in the Rock.

But you probably haven’t heard Toshi’s father, Cordell Reagon. He, along with Bernice, was a member of the SNCC Freedom Singers in the ’60s.

Mr. Reagon can be heard on the Smithsonian Folkways double-CD “Voices of the Civil Rights Movement.” (Downloadable from eMusic.)

I’m streaming “Uncle Tom’s Prayer,” a satirical song written by another SNCC Freedom Singer, Marshall Jones, and recorded by Cordell Reagon in May 1964.

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