Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A free Andrew Cyrille download

For the past few years, I’ve been swimming in the ocean of hard bop... loving every minute of it. Only recently have I dipped my toe into free jazz.

But I know enough to point you without hesitation to a FREE MP3 from Andrew Cyrille, free-jazz drummer par excellence.

Follow this link to the website for Firehouse 12, a performance space in New Haven, Conn. Scroll down to “Music Samples.” You’ll find the MP3 for “Low Blue Flame.”

On this cut, Cyrille duets with saxophonist Greg Osby. It’s from a 2006 CD (released in Europe) also titled “Low Blue Flame.”

Click here to sample the track on my Vox blog, and see if this type of thing strikes your fancy.


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Undercover Black Man said...

You're welcome. Osby's the pride of St. Louis, I assume. If he ain't, he ought to be.