Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some free Greg Osby downloads

Far-reaching saxophonist Greg Osby is an artist who gets it. Or maybe he’s just an extraordinarily giving human being.

You put some free music out there on the internets – especially if you can blow like Osby – and you’re gonna create new fans.

Mr. Osby has a ridiculous amount of free MP3s out there on the internets. I would estimate 800 MB... tons of live concert performances, mostly recorded in Europe, spanning the last 10 years of his fruitful career.

But you can start with his MySpace page, where he offers a few studio tracks for your downloading pleasure. I suggest “Penetrating Stare” for a start. It’s from his 1998 “Zero” CD, and he works out on the soprano sax.

(Click here to sample “Penetrating Stare” on my Vox site.)

When you’re ready to dig deeper, go to for the live stuff. For instance, check out this 14-minute version of Charlie Parker’s “Big Foot” (recorded at New York’s Jazz Standard in 1998) on my Vox thang.

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