Monday, August 6, 2007

Some free Public Enemy downloads

There’s a new Public Enemy CD hitting the streets tomorrow.

If, like me, you were hardly aware of last year’s Public Enemy joint, then I’ve got news: recently made three of those 2006 tracks available as FREE MP3s. Click here to cop.

The 2006 CD was a collaboration with Paris, the Bay Area radical who always flew his P-Funk flag high. Listening to these tracks, it’s like PE and Paris’s brand of “conscious” hip-hop is now as old-fashioned and quaint as George’s Mothership or the BPP’s Ten Point Plan. If you dig it, you’re probably middle-aged.

The track I recommend is “Rise.” For a pre-listen, you can click here and spin it on my Vox audio stash.

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Jay Wilson said...

Thanks for the find! I saw PE at the Rock The Bells hip hop fest last weekend and boy did they own the show....only Rage Against the Machine compared. I'm definitely copping the new joint.