Sunday, August 12, 2007

‘Rush Hour 3’

What’s the use of hating on Chris Tucker? He does what he does, the fans apparently want to see it, rich white people get richer, and Chris gets paidz too. That’s called a “free market.” It’s also called “the Death of Meaning.”

Why does watching him make me feel empty inside?

I saw “Rush Hour 3” on Friday. I had enjoyed the second one and never watched the first. This new one earned $50 million at the box office – less than the opening weekend for “2,” but still a hit.

Chris Tucker brings nothing fresh to the game. He is so limited in what he can do to make you smile or laugh, I guess it’s good he doesn’t make more movies. Because I’m about done.

Here is his repertoire of moves:

1.) The Motor-Mouth

2.) The Horny Guy

3.) Funny/Bad Singing

4.) Funny Dancing

5.) Funny/Bad Kung Fu

6.) Funny Faces

7.) nothing else

But Dave, isn’t all of that stuff enough? You heard the people laughing, didn’t you?

I heard the KIDS laughing. This is entertainment for sugar-addicted juveniles who demand only that their senses be stimulated for a while.

I wish Chris Tucker had the soul of an artist. I wish he were interested in a deeper level of storytelling. But, hey, he’s only 34. Maybe it’s coming.

As for “Rush Hour 3,” there are two good things in it. French actor Yvan Attal is funny as a Parisian cab driver. And the big action set piece at the Eiffel Tower is well-designed and well-executed by director Brett Ratner.

I just want more for my money, that’s all.


SJ said...

I won't spend money on that movie, I'll probably catch it on cable next year.

Tucker reportedly got $20 million for the movie...he knows how to negotiate doesn't he?

And you are right, those movies definitely appeal more to the younger generation. I loved the first Rush Hour when it initially came out...I was 13 then.

Undercover Black Man said...

I heard he got $25 million.

And I cheer him for that.

Now we're talking about my $10. When is he gonna show us some new moves?

Anonymous said...

I once saw Charlie Rose interview Chris Tucker. It was painful, painful, painful.

No, don't think there's more coming when he's older.

Then again, have lack of talent and lack of funny ever stopped anyone before?

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, good observation and I love the photo accompanying this blog.

"I wish he had the soul of an artist" says it all right there.

But remember Rich lost his soul after the checks started getting bigger. Remember Superman III and The Toy?

Minstrelsy sells big time. Black artists with integrity get little support or distribution. And it's not for lack of trying. We've become so brain-washed by junk food entertainment and news that we think the awful is good and the good sinful.

Tucker's lack of depth reminds me of how pitiful Andre 3000 looked on Bill Maher once. He was the face of MTV's Get Out to Vote campaign. Maher asked him a question about how the Dems dissed Al Sharpton during a debate. 3000 stood there with this blank expression and said nothing. It was an awkward few seconds. Maher closed it mercifully by wishing him well during the campaign. Now do you remember anything he did to get people out to vote?

Dan Coyle said...

Tucker seems like an odd cat. I hear all sorts of weird rumors about him, like he's functionally illiterate, and he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this production.

After Rush Hour put him on the map he was going to do a big movie about a black president, wasn't he? Instead, all he's done is... the Rush Hour sequels. Maybe he knows he's limited and just likes collecting that big paycheck from New Line when they're desperate for a hit.

justjudith said...

he's 34...uh, he should have the soul of an artist by now. i like chris tucker but not bc of his movies. i can't hate on that kinda paycheck either. i guess he peaked creatively with smokey from friday :) and rush hour made him richer than rich.

Andrew said...

What's wierd is Tucker is definitely capable of toning his usual schtick down in things such as Jackie Brown and Dead Presidents. It seems like once he saw how much money he could make doing his Rush Hour routine that he just shut everything else down.

dez said...

I thought Tucker got religion recently? If so, that could explain his lack of enthusiasm for making movies in heathen Hollywood.

I liked the first two RUSH HOURs, but I'll wait for this one to hit cable.

HP said...

Mantan Moreland and ... is that a young Keye Luke? Brilliant.

We need a Show Business History Month. Too many young performers don't know their roots.

Edshugeo The GodMoor said...

^ Isn't that on February?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Now that's funny.

Undercover Black Man said...

HP: On the serious side, actors like Mantan Moreland and even Stepin Fetchit did pave the way.