Thursday, August 30, 2007

Obama’s Katrina video

The top Democratic candidates for president put a lot of videos up on YouTube. You know that, right?

But only Barack Obama’s campaign posted a video yesterday to mark the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans. It’s a very well-produced 5½-minute piece. Here it is:


BLACKinUSA said...

As God as his witness, I really want to believe Obama is going to stick to his words.

E-Boogie said...

Obama's so sincere and seems to have integrity. We need that in the White House.

Lola Gets said...

That was a good video. We'll see what happens!

Undercover Black Man said...

Lola: At least it looks like he's got a top-notch political organization happening. It was smart to post a Katrina anniversary video... and the thing looked Hollywood good.

The only thing I wonder about -- and this video kind of shows it: Does Obama have the "stature thing"? I myself thought his time would be eight years from now... still a young man, but deep into his second Senate term so nobody could question his credentials.

I love that Obama's in the race, and I've contributed money... but does he have that presidential stature? I mean, the bar has been set pretty damn low the past seven years... and Obama is certainly more real and substantive than John Edwards (and he almost became v.p.)

Anyway... it's all interesting to watch.

Roberto said...

I love that Obama's in the race, and I've contributed money

I did, too. For the first time ever. Stature don't mean squat if you squander it on irrelevant nonsense. At least he's using his to speak about stuff that matters.

SJ said...

I like Obama, but I adore Kucinich. Now that's a guy who is willing to stand up for the American people.

memomachine said...


Frankly I think Obama needs a lot more time office and as a state governor if he wants to be President. Being in the Senate will continue to give him badly needed experience but it'll also open him up to challenges on his voting record. Due to the give and take nature of the Senate it would be nearly impossible to not offend someone because of a specific vote on a bill.

Plus there's a pretty good argument that having a lot of experience in the Senate is actually detrimental for a Presidential candidate. While Presidents and governors act as sole executives, with appropriate powers, responsibilities and accountability, Senators seem to have a lot of problems with all three. Plus Senators, because they tend to deal with smaller staff organizations, seem to have a real problem in delegating authority and handling issues from an executive viewpoint.

As an example look at McCain. Normally you'd think he'd be a good candidate but his voting record in the Senate has completely pissed off conservatives, his inability to manage his own campaign staff let them waste over $20 million in accomplishing absolutely nothing and now his campaign is largely hopeless.

*shrug* there's a reason why the last Senator to be elected President was JFK. And even then there was a lot of vote fraud that helped him along.


And uh no, I'm not going to vote for Obama. :)