Thursday, August 30, 2007

A free Fats Domino download

KCRW, the SoCal public radio station, has a podcast called “Today’s Top Tune” – a free MP3 download of the day. Yesterday’s tune, in commemoration of Katrina, was by that grand old man of New Orleans R&B, Fats Domino.

“The Fat Man,” released in 1949, was one of the first tracks Domino ever cut. It became a nationwide hit, and launched a career in which he would sell 65 million records.

Fats Domino can still rock the live stage; he played his first post-Katrina gig three months ago at Tipitina’s.

Due next month is “Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino,” which honors him as a songwriter. Tracks from superstars such as Paul McCartney, Elton John, Neil Young and Herbie Hancock make this double-CD one to watch for. (Los Lobos handles “The Fat Man.”)

Part of the proceeds of the album will go towards rebuilding Domino’s home, which was destroyed by the flooding after Katrina.

Now, if you wanna download that FREE 1949 “Fat Man” track, you have to go through a few steps:

At the iTunes Store, click on Podcasts, then look under “Featured Providers” for KCRW. Go to the KCRW page, and look for the title “KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune.” Click it.

You’ll see Fats Domino listed... but not for long. These KCRW giveaway tracks are only up for a couple of days, so move fast if you want this one.

Now, click the button that says “Get Episode,” and the song will download to your podcast library. You can then transfer it to the music library by pulling down the “Advanced” menu from the iTunes menu bar, then clicking “Convert Selection to ACC.” That’ll do it.

To hear “The Fat Man” beforehand, click here and stream it at my Vox site.

UPDATE (08/31/07): Aw hell. I waited too long to post about the Fats Domino freebie. It’s now gone from KCRW’s podcast list. Sorry about that.


CJB said...

Among the many tragedies we saw and heard about during and after Katrina, I'll never forget that no one was sure of where Fats was for days. Luckily he turned up and he’s still making music.

I remember talking to a friend at the time about how he is someone who we have the opportunity to honor NOW…while he’s alive to accept the applause. Why wait for somber retrospectives? Fats should be getting lifetime achievement awards, invites to banquets and parties in his honor, TV specials...and he should be there to appreciate it.

Musicians have had decades now to make two minutes and six seconds rock harder than “I’m Ready”, and I don’t think anyone has succeeded.

Long live Fats and New Orleans.

memomachine said...


@ cjb

Amen to that.

estiv said...

UBM: I just downloaded the track right now, following your instructions. Don't know why, but it's so.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Glad you copped it, Estiv. But it's a mystery how you did; KCRW pulled that track. Oh well... God must want you to have it.

Anonymous said...

It's there now, just heard it, great song, Ron