Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Concert: Ice-T and Body Count

You might not have much desire to see Ice-T leading his ghetto-metal band, Body Count. Especially the part where he mock-rapes a female dancer (during “Bring It to Pain”).

If you do, Body Count’s complete 2006 concert in Amsterdam is embedded below, by means of (Of course, it includes Ice-T’s performance of “Cop Killer.”)


susie said...

Not crazy about the band or his singing voice, but Cop Killer certainly does lend itself to the energy of old school punk and you can definitely mosh to it.

That dancer is his wife swimsuit model CoCo. I've seen them interviewed together and separately and she's a character in her own right. If it was any other woman up there I think I would be weirded out. She just makes me laugh.

Don't like the song though. It reminds me of something a high school sophomore would write who's only real exposure to women is through online porn sites.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ So that's CoCo, huh? I should've guessed. I did glimpse her on TV in the audience for the Flavor Flav roast, but didn't recognize her.

I guess I'm cool with the mock-rape, then. ;^D

But yeah, Suze, this band doesn't have much going for it beyond the novelty of mashing up gangsta style and white-boy headbanger sound.

Hard to believe a club full of folks in Amsterdam in 2006 actually gave a damn.

jena6 said...

Ice-T and Body Count performed at the very first Lollapalooza. I caught their act in Saratoga Springs, NY.

He seems to have a thing for women who look like they should be on the covers of men's magazines (to put it politely). His first wife Darlene (I think that was her name) had a bangin' body. And I'm secure with my femininity to say so.

dez said...

I saw Ice-T and Body Count at the first Lolla, too. They blew the "real" heavy metal acts off the stage.

"Evil Dick" still cracks me up.