Sunday, August 26, 2007

A free Rick James download

They say real gangstas don’t die. Well, three years after Rick James took up permanent residence in “Stone City,” he has a song on the radio. (Or so I read at EURweb.) The song is “Taste.” It’s off his “Deeper Still” CD, which contains tracks completed before Rick’s death.

“Taste” has an early-’80s smooth-funk feel that may please fans of a certain age. Matter fact, he “borrowed” the hook from one of Slave’s biggest hits. (Which is why us P-Funk fans, following the liner-note dictates of Pedro Bell, referred to the man as “Trick James.”)

You can cop a FREE (and legal) MP3 download of “Taste” from CNET’s Simply click here.

Or you can just give it a listen on my Vox site. Click here.

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