Monday, June 18, 2007

Some positive vibe for Landis Expandis

If you’ve never heard of a funky little band out of Baltimore called All Mighty Senators, I’m happy to make the introduction, though sad at the circumstance.

Lead singer Landis McCord – a.k.a. Landis Expandis – was hospitalized for kidney failure in April. (He’s the black guy in the picture.)

I saw All Mighty Senators in the early ’90s at D.C.’s 930 Club. They were opening for George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. Landis Expandis didn’t just sing his ass off; he did so while playing the drums... standing up! He’s got it going on like that.

Career high point so far: Chrissie Hynde hand-picked them to be the opening act on the Pretenders’ 2003 tour.

For an idea of what these fellows are about, click here to hear ’em rip through the Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” Landis rocks a mean falsetto. (This track was recorded live at Baltimore’s 8x10 Club in January 2006; you can check out more of that gig at Internet Archives.)

There are All Mighty Senators CDs for sale here. The band’s 2005 compilation, “Checkered Past, New Tomorrow,” is available on iTunes. (It includes a different live version of “Should I Stay or Should I Go.”)

If you want to send out some healing energy to Landis Expandis, that’d be cool. If you’d like to chip in some money to help with his medical expenses, even better. You can do so via PayPal on the donation page at

Finally, I give big thanks to photographer Sam Holden for permission to use the photo above.


LeaNder said...

UBM, somebody should tell him to try attendant alternative treatment, maybe it's stupid that I write this, here. Somebody I knew once died and a doctor told me when it was still "acute" that is when the kidney just failed that the tissue has a chance to be brought back to resume its activity. I think he said after a year it's over and he has to rely on dialysis all his life. I am no expert in medicine. But this doctor is a class mate of mine has an additional homeopathic training. He the keyboarder of my high school band.

LeaNder said...

Shit, I have not time today, actually. He was ...