Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Name this singer, win a prize.

If it ain’t one addiction, it’s another.

I put my blogging addiction on hold for a long weekend and returned to my poker-playing addiction. (Did pretty decent, too.) Even the drive to Laughlin, Nev., across vast stretches of nothing was semi-therapeutic.

My most longstanding addiction was to P-Funk music. George Clinton’s funk mob cast a spell on me 30 years ago, and I turned into a hardcore collector of anything related to Parliament-Funkadelic. (Most precious of all, a few pieces of original artwork by album-cover visionary Pedro Bell!)

This addiction culminated in a slender but potent little paperback I co-wrote with Larry Alexander, Thomas Stanley and Aris Wilson back in 1996, “George Clinton and P-Funk: An Oral History.”

I’ve got an extra copy laying around, and I’d like to give it away. (I’ll even autograph that bad boy.) So… time for another contest.

Begging the pardon of RJ Smith and Dougfp, I am disqualifying them from this particular contest. Not because they’ve each won twice already, but because I think they probably know this one.

The rest of you who want to play, just click here, listen to the track, and identify the singer.

The first person to put the singer’s name in the comments section will win the P-Funk book.

UPDATE (06/12/07): A quick winner. Cheers to Chris for identifying the singer of “Cocaine Blues” as Rev. Gary Davis, a tremendously influential blues and gospel guitarist. Want to hear more? Click here for “Cross and Evil Woman Blues.”

Both tracks – and many more by Rev. Davis – are downloadable via iTunes and eMusic. “Cocaine Blues” is from the CD “Blues & Ragtime”; “Cross and Evil Woman” is from “The Complete Early Recordings of Reverend Gary Davis.”


Chris said...

Rev. Gary Davis

Undercover Black Man said...

You got it, Chris. Hit me with an email (at the address on my profile page), tell me where to send the book. And tell me if you'd like me to sign it.

Thanks for playing.

Dougfp said...

I have to admit, I would have nailed this one. I love Gary Davis. If you've ever listened to Dave Van Ronk's play "Cocaine Blues", it nearly duplicates Davis' version note for note. Not surprising: Davis taught Van Ronk to play it back when the Reverend was living in Harlem and Van Ronk was a Village folkie.

But I'll take my disqualification like a man. I should really finish the last book you sent me before I go winning any more.

dez said...

One thing I really like about these contests is being exposed to new artists (that is, new to me!). Plus, it's helping get that damn Journey earworm out ma' head. Thanks, UBM :-)

Undercover Black Man said...

Thank you, dez. Gary Davis was new to me, too. But I figured most blues fans like Doug -- and probably a lot of Bob Dylan fans -- were hip to him.

I love the process of discovering new music (especially old music) on the Web.

BTW, the Journey track is one more reason I won't be rushing to catch the "Sopranos" finale which I missed. I had a feeling it couldn't live up to "The Blue Comet."

Undercover Black Man said...

Oh, and Doug: You'll get 'em next time, dude!

dez said...

I think you need to see the Sopranos finale with as few expectations as possible. I was little peeved at the ending at first, but once I got over that initial, "Is that all there is?" reaction, I found I quite enjoyed it (and am now embroiled in dissecting its every nuance, hoo boy!). Plus, as a writer, you might be able to provide an insight into the process behind the finale that someone like me wouldn't have.

In other words, watch it and tell me what the hell Chase was thinking! :-D