Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another classic TV title sequence

This one goes out to justjudith. (And to anyone else who has made that big move.)


offby1 said...

Damn. Hadn't seen that in, oh, 35 years ... Good Lord, it's dated.

Undercover Black Man said...

Life was better then than it ever could be now.

QrazyQat said...

The MTM theme was hope and joy put to music.

Another classic, BTW, was The Prisoner.

And I was thinking, after your Avengers post (a show I loved; I had the usual crush on Diana Rigg) about theme songs too. I mentioned Peter Gunn, and there's others that have made the charts, like Rockford Files and Hawaii Five-O. Not so many now, I'd say, although for a modern one (cancelled after 4 episodes shown -- buy the DVD) was Wonderfalls, with theme by Andy Partridge of XTC. I don't see the title sequence online (it was very good, but there is the music in music video form with scenes done with the star (Caroline Dhavernas).

Dan Coyle said...

I have to choose Rockford over that one.

My favorite answering machine message?

"Hey Jim, it's Angel. You know how they give you one phone call? Well... this is it."

justjudith said...

AWESOME. thanks. i'm gonna go throw my cardinals cap up into the air right now!!!

UBM, you're the best!

Rottin' in Denmark said...

Someone needs to replace the 'Sopranos' theme music with that song.