Monday, June 4, 2007

MBP of the Week: Fox News

It’s a video MBP this time, my friends. Courtesy of star blogger Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo.

Congressman William Jefferson got indicted today, you know. But for “B-roll” footage, Fox News showed Congressman John Conyers. At length. Click here to see the video, with Josh providing color commentary.

Thanks to Devin McCullen and Ron Gordon for letting me know.

(Jefferson, by the way, is the one on the right.)

UPDATE (06/06/07): TVNewser reports that Fox News issued a detailed on-air correction this afternoon. To wit:

“On Monday in our report on the indictment of William Jefferson, in error we aired some video of Congressman John Conyers of Michigan.

“That tape was labeled ‘a meeting about William Jefferson’ and it was mistaken as video portraying Mr. Jefferson. We regret this mistake. We in no way meant to suggest there was any connection between the Jefferson indictment and Congressman Conyers.

“We have extended our apology privately to the congressman, and we do so here as well.”

(Hat-tip: Craig Silverman at Regret the Error.)


darleene said...

This error is especially funny, considering that with a Democrat being indicted, you would think they would really get this one right. But, ah, apparently not.

Undercover Black Man said...

Hey Darleene, welcome! I remember you from before I started blogging... back when you commented on the Long Beach hate-crime trial.

I'll have to check out what you're blogging about these days. Thanks for finding me.